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Emmerdale Review: June 2018's best (and worst) bits
Charity Dingle meets her son Ryan Stocks

It’s been difficult being an Emmerdale fan this June, as our favourite soap got moved around the schedules to accommodate the World Cup! But the village hasn’t been any less dramatic so let’s recap.

We had two new faces in the village in June in the shape of Ryan Stocks, Charity’s son (the one she thought was dead) and Matty Barton, Moira’s son formerly known as Hannah Barton. Already these two new cast members have been a hit with fans, bringing charisma to our screens and provoking some really emotive and relatable moments between them and our regular cast.

After Charity’s special episode in May, she was encouraged to meet up with Ryan and when she did, fans couldn’t help but fall in love with Ryan’s sharp wit and confidence – much like Charity herself. I hope in time Ryan can make his mark on the village and get to grips with the Dingles too, but for now I really enjoyed the powerful scenes between him and Charity as she came to terms with his existence.

Emmerdale Review: June 2018's best (and worst) bits
Mon 25 June 2018: Cain Dingle confronts the stranger, knocking him out cold.

Matty burst onto screens at the end of June as he tried to retrieve his birth certificate and was caught by Cain. Uh oh – not the way you want to be discovered! Actor Ash Palmisciano gave pathos to his intense introductory scenes and granted Butler’s Farm a new dose of family orientated drama. This very real and heartfelt story of a young trans guy is exactly the kind of subject Emmerdale should be tackling.

In June we were also given the news that our favourite recurring Doctor, Liam Cavanagh is to become a regular member of the cast – hurray! This month saw more appearances of his crafty daughter Leanna and his wife, Maya. Maya’s already got herself mixed up in David Metcalfe’s messy charms sadly, but it’s always good to have new blood in the village.

Doug Potts (Duncan Preston) and Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) had a tough month and we saw their dependable relationship implode. Even though I’m sad (and irritated) that yet another stable relationship in the Dales has come to an end, the reveal of Doug’s cheating was brilliantly comical. Poor Diane had to hear all about Brenda’s sex moves on her birthday, just as half the village were waiting to surprise her. Cringe! Even though I think we’re all sick of the cheating stories and the relationship merry-go-rounds, this reveal was pretty entertaining. Nevertheless, families and couples are the backbone of soap and if Emmerdale continue to mess around with these stalwart couples then it becomes harder to invest.

Emmerdale Review: June 2018's best (and worst) bits
Tues 3 July 2018: Beth panics when Amelia Spencer sneaks out and charges after her and she tells her about Daz Spencer killing her father.

The main story this month was Amelia Spencer’s disappearance which started with real intrigue and mystery. It was great to see the whole community get involved, wearing t-shirts and becoming very meta as the ITV News crew showed up. Unfortunately the story very rapidly fell flat as the twists in the tale were heavily signposted and all the suspense was sucked out of it. Amelia’s sudden attachment to Beth felt difficult to buy into when all the grooming occurred offscreen and her connection to Daz (Mark Jordon) was obvious from the off. While this story has given Kerry a new maturity and Laura Norton is really relishing the gritty emotion, the story suffers from the rehashing of the old antagonism between the two Spencer brothers. Did we really need to see it again?

Another month and another tough time for various members of the Dingle clan. Sarah’s health took a bad turn as she learned that she needs a heart transplant. It’s tragic news for any mother, but Debbie and Sarah’s relationship is one that is far more appealing and believable than watching Debbie just be a love interest torn between two guys! It was also enjoyable to see the younger Dingles get some screentime as they bunked school and got in trouble with the police.

Emmerdale Review: June 2018's best (and worst) bits
Thurs 14 June 2018 – 7pm: Chas Dingle bursts into tears with Marlon who in turn then tells Paddy Kirk he needs to go upstairs to see Chas.

Chas Dingle too had a difficult time as she finally confessed to Paddy Kirk that their unborn child won’t survive. Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt gave some harrowing performances in their struggles to cope, but perhaps it’s Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) who we should be celebrating most in June, as he was an amazing comfort to the pair and looks like he gives great cuddles!

It’s only been a month since Gerry Roberts died, but I’m missing him already. You might be forgiven for thinking he’d been dead for months because the aftermath to his death has really missed the mark. Gerry’s humour was the perfect tonic to the misery in the village, but with his lacklustre funeral happening in June, it made his death seem like even more of a waste. ‘Uncle’ Terry’s fakery was obvious and there was barely anyone at the service. If we lost a great character just to drag out Lachlan’s psychopathy, then is it really going to be worth it in the end?

After a slightly sluggish June, is July going to raise the heat for our favourite village?

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