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Emmerdale Episodes from 30.07.18 to 03.08.18 in 33 pictures (Wk 31)
Mon 30 July 2018: Wanting to help Aaron Dingle propose to Robert Sugden, Liv and Chas form a plan but will it come off the ground?

While the UK experienced a heatwave in July, Emmerdale might just have managed to shed the summer storyline slump as the drama in the village picked up again.

I can’t let this review of July pass without mentioning Lachlan White’s descent into hardcore villainy. If killing his mum, granddad and best mate wasn’t enough, July saw him try to poison Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden, potentially murder fake uncle Terry and hold Rebecca White hostage. It’s a story that’s had moments of lagging pace and far too many villagers think the sun shines out of Lucky’s backside, but Thomas Atkinson has been masterfully chilling. From gaslighting Liv to confessing all his crimes to his aunt, Thomas has given brilliantly twisted performances, making Lachlan both terrifying and – at times – even strangely sympathetic.

Emmerdale Episodes from 16.07.18 to 20.07.18 in 25 pictures (Wk 29)
Tues 17 July 2018: Lachlan White heads to Mill Cottage to try and retrieve Seb.

After it was revealed she was Lachlan’s mysterious and threatening texter, Liv got caught up in his revenge and even turned to drink again when no one believed her accusations. Isobel Steele is one of Emmerdale’s best youngest performers so her role in this month’s drama was a welcome development. With Aaron away (until his well-timed arrival home to rescue his family) it gave Liv a chance to have more scenes with Doug Potts and Robert and their natural rapports were a real highlight. I’m hopeful that her relapse into drinking wasn’t a one off as I think she deserves more than for that issue to disappear.

But there might be happier things on the horizon in Liv’s household as this month Aaron Dingle and Robert decided to propose all over again and get remarried – legally this time. It’s been a nice change to see Aaron happy and to see Robron as a more stable couple after the hell of last year. Robron’s romantic double proposal ticked all the boxes as it was steeped in nostalgia when the pair proposed on a country lay-by, the site of their first kiss. But with shady Lachlan lurking and everyone pre-occupied by Rebecca’s whereabouts, this wedding is surely headed for an explosive climax? Can they at least say “I do” first?

Emmerdale Episodes from 30.07.18 to 03.08.18 in 33 pictures (Wk 31)
Mon 30 July 2018: How will Lydia Hart react to her fiancee Sam Dingle’s confession?

Lydia Hart was another character who got caught up in Lachlan’s web this month, so much so fans were starting to worry for her safety. But by the end of the month Lydia had other worries when doctors discovered a suspicious looking mole on her leg. We’ll have to wait to see how this story progresses but I’ve loved seeing Lydia in a more serious and pivotal role.

Matty Barton made a permanent return to the village in July after being assaulted. This made his mum Moira Dingle reassess her behaviour and she attempted to make amends for the way she treated him. I was glad to see Moira realising her mistakes and accepting Matty, though I wonder if Emmerdale rushed through this important development a bit too fast. Nevertheless I’ve loved seeing Matty reacquaint himself with the village and there are already sparks flying with him and Victoria Barton which bodes well for a good slow burn romance.

Romance was also (finally) on the cards for Marlon Dingle and Jessie Grant when she had a change of heart after a spot of jealousy. But after months and months of her rejecting him, her turnaround seemed a bit out of the blue. I’d been hoping Jessie had a juicy secret or dark past which meant her moving onto Marlon was difficult but her backstory (a dead husband) was a bit of an anti-climax in the end. The two of them are great characters but, much like Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk, I’m wondering if they’d have been better just as friends.

Mon 23 July 2018: At the Woolpack, things become awkward when Tracy Metcalfe comes face to face with David Metcalfe and Maya.

I have to mention the wonderful Tracy Shankley who washed her hands of David Metcalfe this month. Not only am I thrilled that she’s done with that completely insensitive, childish no-hoper, but Amy Walsh’s impassioned performances just make me want to start wearing Team Tracy t-shirts. Tracy is the female character we all deserve.

David obviously goes right to the bottom of the pile this month for bedding Maya Cavanagh and then moping about Tracy, but his wasn’t the only lowlight of the month. Amelia Spencer’s lacklustre kidnap was concluded but she’s still banging on about Beth in a grooming plot which never developed that attachment onscreen. Megan Macey and Graham Foster were drawn back to each other in a pretty cringeworthy set-up that felt every bit as stilted and stiff as Graham’s robotic delivery. I can’t help but feel that these are two great characters (three if you include Frank Clayton) completely wasted by awkward material with no real investment in the pairings. Megan and Charity Dingle had more chemistry in their scenes than Megan has with either of the men!

Even the much-publicised Graham flashback episode didn’t offer us many new insights into his background, instead repeating what we already knew about the crash. His and Joe Tate’s dynamic is great, but Graham still feels like an anomaly in the village and that needs to change soon.

July was a marked improvement on June’s storylines and as we move closer to the Autumn, things should really be hotting up. See you next month!

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