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Emmerdale Review - Tom revealed as Joseph Tate, The Emmerdaily
Tom is revealed at Joseph Tate

Emmerdale kicked off 2018 in style after another successful year, proving that they are determined to hold onto those ‘Best Soap’ accolades!

During the first week of January all the speculation and theories that there was a lot more to Tom Waterhouse than just the golf course were proved true, as he revealed himself to be none other than Joseph Tate.

Ned Porteous (Joseph Tate), Charley Webb (Debbie Dingle) and Emma Atkins (Charity Dingle) did a cracking job during the big twist scene and since then Joe has made the perfect soap villain. From his pompous arrogance and heartless agenda against the Dingles, he’s been a really entertaining addition to the cast, especially now that he’s living up at Home Farm, continuing the Tate legacy. Not only did Joe’s arrival merge Emmerdale past and present, leaving us all clamouring for the return of Tate legends like Kim, but it solved some fans’ niggles that the ‘Tom’ and Debbie romance was just a poor Fifty Shades rip off – all that shallow sex and money stuff was entirely intentional and a clever move from Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Review - Graham Foster faces Joseph Tate
Graham Foster faces Joseph Tate

Joe’s story has given Charity some much needed material and has injected life into Debbie as she’s tried to take him down herself. It was great to see her with a bit of swagger and vengeance, spooking Joe at Home Farm after he had demolished Wishing Well.

Speaking of Wishing Well and Joe, we need to talk about the enigma that is Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough). Not only is his dynamic with Joe an intriguing relationship, with Graham often the angel on his shoulder, but we saw Graham transform into a bit of an action figure this month.

Not only did Graham sabotage the destruction of the infamous Dingle home, but he rescued poor Noah and Samson from the rubble. What a hero! While Graham still has an air of mystery about him, this was a quick way to get us all to care about him as a character in his own right. Can’t wait to find out more of his secrets.

Emmerdale Review - Adam Barton sets sail for a life on the run as Adam Thomas exits.
Adam Barton sets sail for a life on the run as Adam Thomas exits.

January also saw the sad departure of one of the original Bartons as Adam Thomas (Adam Barton) left the show. Having been convicted for Emma Barton’s murder and not wanting his mum to go down for it, Adam accepted his sad fate – only Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) had other plans. The ‘on the run’ exit is done frequently in Emmerdale, but Adam’s final episode was emotional and full of heart, meaning although he left on sad terms, it was a great way to bow out after nine years on Emmerdale. Missing you already Adam!

Whites exit Emmerdale
The car veers into the opposite lane into the path of a lorry…

There were more exits to follow as we also saw Lawrence (John Bowe) and Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) leave the show in a spectacular car crash. The Whites haven’t been the most popular characters to say the least, but Lachlan’s descent into darkness and Chrissie’s tragic death were real highlights. Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White) has been a stand out this month, managing to play Lachlan as both deeply disturbing and even sympathetic at times too. Here’s hoping Emmerdale don’t drag this one out too long.

There were plenty of other highlights this month too: from Tip the Dog’s return, to Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity admitting to liking each other, Brenda Hope’s continuing struggles in forgiving Bob (Tony Audenshaw) and some welcome fluffier material from Marlon and Jessie. January has been a great start, so great in fact we might just be able to look past some of the low lights – like ugh David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) cheating, Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) losing her spark and Moira Dingle’s struggles becoming a bit too much.

Now let’s see what February – or #Fabruary as Emmerdale are calling it – brings!

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  1. Very good website. I have been thinking of something similar myself. Here’s my idea for Rhona’s near future.

    Rhona develops Clinical Paranoia

    I emphasise that Rhona’s illness would be a fretting paranoia brought about by not being able to cope with a second man hurting her so much following on from Pierce. And Pete will hurt her. Paddy may have been motivated by jealousy when he said to Rhona that Pete is “an emotional time bomb since his bonkers mother murdered half of his family.” (Episode 29/1/2018). I look forward to seeing how the story will develop concerning Pete’s emotional problems. I think it should (and inevitably will) impact badly on Rhona. I suggest the following concerning the Rhona side of the story. Whatever Pete does to her that brings her down… results in clinical paranoia for Rhona due to her not being able to take two devastating and tragic relationships in quick succession.

    Paranoid Personality Disorder, quoted from the DSM: “Individuals with this disorder assume that other people will exploit them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. […] They are preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty or trustworthiness of their friends and associates, whose actions are minutely scrutinized for evidence of hostile intentions. Any perceived deviation from trustworthiness or loyalty serves to support their underlying assumptions. They are so amazed when a friend or associate shows loyalty that they cannot trust or believe it. […] Individuals with this disorder are reluctant to confide in or become close to others because they fear that the information they share will be used against them. They may refuse to answer personal questions saying that the information is “nobody’s business”. They read hidden meanings that are demeaning and threatening into benign remarks or events. […] Because they are constantly vigilant to the harmful intentions of others, they very often feel that their character or reputation has been attacked or that they have been slighted in some other way. They are quick to counterattack and react with anger to perceived insults. Individuals with this disorder may be pathologically jealous […] They want to maintain complete control of intimate relationships to avoid being betrayed…” (DSM. Year 2000, Page 690 & 691)

    The last two sentences above are key – because Rhona’s paranoia could mean that she temporarily ceases to see Paddy and Vanessa as well-meaning/well-intentioned and unfairly (due to her illness) views them as control freaks who “should meet up in the Woolpack to compare notes”. (imagined Rhona outburst at Paddy or Vanessa). At the same time she could become controlling herself (i.e., that’s paranoid projection) and thus seek to control Paddy and Chas’ relationship and perhaps mock Vanessa over her relationship with Charity. But then Rhona would exhaust herself and thus become withdrawn and isolated. Of course, Paddy, Vanessa (and Marlon too) would rally round and pull her out of her paranoia and depression. Hence Rhona’s paranoia would be closer to Belle’s schizophrenic condition than Lachlan’s condition. However Emmerdale writers would want it to look different so as not to repeat the Belle story. Hence Rhona would not hallucinate as Belle did. Rhona would fret, worry, angst and be suspicious of others intentions. She would lose trust with everyone and therefore become increasingly isolated from all of the other villagers. She would frequently breakdown.


    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), Fourth Edition (2000) (American Psychiatric Association)


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