EMMERDALE EPISODES: Is this the beginning of the end for the Whites? After discovering Lachlan has threatened Baby Seb, Aaron Dingle tells Belle exactly what boyfriend Lachlan White has been up to – which tips Lachlan over the edge. But what has he done? Robert also finds himself in deep water when Rebecca makes a discovery. Pete Barton is conflicted but ex-girlfriend Leyla Harding offers him a shoulder to cry on but has Pete got more to cry about than he is letting on? Debbie Dingle introduces new fells Tom Waterhouse to the family but his efforts to impress lead to disaster and Bernice Blackstock is suffering from hives and a guilty conscious after her deception with sister Nicola King.

Note: Apologies for less pictures than usual but due to the early release of embargoed information and episode leaks from other websites/bloggers, ITV has restricted all access to its press material. Seems these ‘leakers’ are spoiling it for everyone not just those who want to be spoiled!