Name: Victoria Barton nee Sugden

First appeared: 31st March 1994

Birthday: 31st March 1994

Spouse: Adam Barton

Parents: Jack Sudgen (deceased) Sarah Sugden (deceased)

Siblings: Robert Sugden (brother), Andy Sugden (adopted brother)

Occupation: Chef

Lives: Keepers Cottage



1994: Born to Jack and Sarah Sugden, as a baby her crying brought grandmother Annie out of a coma

Survived surgery to mend a hole in her heart

2000: Mother Sarah is killed in a barn fire

2007: Involved in a car crash with Billy Hopwood after Kelly Windsor sabotages his brakes

Causes a house explosion when she discovers the truth about her mum’s death.

Is put in psychiatric care

Dec 2008: Falls through the ice while messing about on a frozen lake

Discovers the dead body of murdered police officer Shane Doyle in the lake before being rescued

Feb 2009: Discovers her dad Jack has died in Spain

Starts sleeping with Daz Eden

Buys Betty Eagleton’s house

Starts dating Adam Barton and they have a on/off relationship

June 2015: Discovers boyfriend Adam Barton has cheated on her with Vanessa

2015: Attempts to drive her car without a licence and knocks down Ashley. Thinks she has killed him but later discovers he is alive and in a coma

June 2015: Runs away to marry Adam

2016: Launches her own catering van

2017: Victoria and Adam discover Adam is sterile and won’t be able to father the baby Victoria craves

Isabel Hodgins


Born in Eccles, Greater Manchester, Isabel has been in Emmerdale since 2006 and is the third actress to play Victoria.

In 2007 she was nominated for Best Newcomer at the TV Choice and TV Quick awards. She was also nominated for Most Spectacular Scene in 2007 at the British Soap Awards.

In 2008 she was nominated at the Inside Soap Awards for Best Young Actor.

Isabel won the Spectacular Scene of the Year award at the British Soap Awards 2009 for the scene where Victoria fell through ice.

She has a pug called Don Pierre.



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