Name: Vanessa Woodfield

First appeared: 10th December 2012

Born: 7th March 1977

Parents: Frank Clayton, Jenna Woodfield

Siblings: Tracy Metcalfe (half sister)

Children: Johnny Woodfield

Occupation: Vet

Lives: Tug Ghyll


2012: Invited to work at the vets after Rhona fires their locum

Initially clashes with Paddy due to his jealously over how close she and Rhona are

Aug 2013: Rhona kisses Vanessa and they have a brief fling but its just Rhona’s excuse to hide her prescription drug addiction

2014: Begins a secret affair with 17-year-old Kirin Kotecha

2014: Has a breast cancer scare on discovering a lump, but is later given the all clear

Mar 2015: Has a one night stand with Adam after splitting from Kirin

Sep 2015: Has baby Johnny but is unsure who the father is

Jan 2016: Receives results saying Adam is the father but It is eventually discovered via DNA testing that Kirin is the father and Kirin’s father Rakesh had tampered with the results

Struggles to bond with the baby at first

Feb 2016: Kirin leaves after killing Tess Harris in a hit and run

Discovers Tracy Shankley is her half-sister when dad Frank Clayton turns up in the village

2017: Grows suspicious of Pierce Harris as he tries to push her out of Rhona’s life

Michelle Hardwick


Born in Wakefield in 1976, Michelle said he role in Emmerdale was her dream job as a local girl and fan of the show.

She is best known for her role as hospital receptionist Lizzie Hopkirk in the ITV drama series The Royal, but also appeared in Heartbeat and Coronation Street.

Michelle has been acting since 1995 with notable roles on stage in the UK tours including Death by Fatal Murder as well as various pantomimes.

She spoke publicly about her sexuality in July 2013 and is openly gay.

Michelle performs in the Emmerdale band with fellow cast/crew members.



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