Name: Sarah Sugden Jr.

First appeared: 6th June 2005

Birthday: 6th June 2005

Parents: Debbie Dingle, Andy Sugden

Siblings: Jack Sugden

Lives: Butlers Farm



2005: Born to 15-year-old Debbie Dingle after she hid her pregnancy from everyone

Is given to Emily Kirk who took her away from the village as a baby

Oct 2006: Returns to Emmerdale to live with dad Andy

Jan 2008: Goes to live with the Dingle when dad Andy in imprisoned and step-mum Jo leaves the village

Oct 2009: Debbie gets full custody of mother Sarah

Mar 2010: Moves to Jersey with mum Debbie only to return in November

2011: Diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a rare genetic disease

The only chance of recovery is with a bone marrow transplant

When no matches can be found, Debbie and Andy decide to try for a “saviour sibling”

Oct 2012: Brother Jack is born, Sarah gets her transplant and recovers

Jun 2013: Tells tutor of problems at home and social services looks into her home life

Jan 2016: Leaves Emmerdale with her mum and brother

2017: Returns to Emmerdale after being diagnosed with throat cancer

Katie Hill


Katie Hill recently took over the role of Sarah Sugden in 2017. She is the fifth actress to play Sarah, taking over from Sophia Amber Moore, who played the role for nine years.

The role was recast with an older actress due to the nature of upcoming storylines.

Katie’s previous experience had been theatre based having played “Maggie” in “Scrooge the Musical” with Tommy Steel, “Florence” in Cameron Mackintosh’s “Oliver” and “Little Cosette” in Futurist’s “Les Miserables”.



  1. Sarah I’m glad you got your new heart and you could’ve died of having it done how’s school is it Hotten Academy you go to you good at singing and how’s your brother Jack is it Connelton Primary School he goes to you start School back in sometime in September you’ll be S3 while Jack goes to Primary 6 your 14 he’s 10 I think you will miss your Mum when she goes to Scotland Sarah and next year you’ll have GCSES in 2020

  2. Sarah Sugden was born on 6th June 2005 she played five characters in emmerdale Lily May Bartley Lucy Warren Amber Child Cavill Sophia Amber Moore Katie Hill fanconi lukemia bone marrow transplant cancer Prague heart transplant

  3. All the time you were in hospital you were waiting to get your life with horrible strangers Debbie brought your school work in to hospital for you so you could catch up and keep you busy nice treat


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