Name: Robert Jacob Sugden, Mr Dingle, #Robron

First appeared: 22nd April 1986

Birthday: 22nd April 1986

Spouse: Aaron Dingle, Chrissie White (divorced)

Siblings: Victoria Barton (half sister), Andy Sugden (adoptive), Sandie Merrick, Jackie Merrick (deceased),

Parents: Jack Sugden (deceased), Pat Sugden (deceased), Sarah Sugden (step-mother, deceased), Diane Sugden (stepmother)

Occupation: Businessman

Lives: The Woolpack but soon to move into Mill Cottage



Apr 1986: Born to Jack and Pat Sugden but Pat dies when he is just four months old

1989: Brother Jackie dies in a shooting accident

May 1994: Dad Jack marries Sarah Connolly and his half-sister Victoria is born in the same year

1996: Befriends Andy Hopwood, a boy of the same age in local care as his dad Billy is in prison. Jack and Sarah foster Andy but Robert starts to resent his presence

2000: Jack and Sarah split when she has an affair. Sarah fights for custody and wins Andy and Victoria but Robert has to stay with his dad

Nov 2000: Discovers the barn on fire with Sarah trapped inside. She dies and Robert discovers Andy started the fire and goes to Spain to see his grandma Annie

Aug 2001: Returns to Emmerdale, wanting to get rid of Andy

Apr 2002: Loses his virginity at the age of 16 to 24-year-old Nicola Blackstock

Dec 2003: Starts an affair with Andy’s fiancée Katie Addyman

Feb 2004: Katie ends the affair the day before her wedding to Andy but it soon starts again. They plan to run away together but Katie leaves alone

Distraught Andy waits with a gun for Robert but shoots dad Jack instead. Andy is disowned and Robert continues his relationship with Katie when she returns

2005: Proposes to Katie and she accepts but Robert starts an affair with Sadie King. When Katie finds out, she dumps him and returns to Andy. Jack disowns Robert

Jun 2005: Katie leaves and still wanting revenge, Robert dates Debbie Dingle, mother of Andy’s daughter Sarah

Oct 2005: Tries to get Debbie to leave Emmerdale with him but when she decides to leave Sarah behind, he calls the whole thing off. A stand off between Andy and Robert results in a car crash killing Max King. Jack forces Robert to leave the village

Feb 2009: Visits Emmerdale briefly for dad Jack’s funeral

Oct 2014: Returns to Emmerdale with fiancée Chrissie White and moves into Home Farm. Reunited, Katie and Andy immediately clash with Robert and the feud starts again, with Lawrence White even helping Andy to try and get rid of his future son-in-law

Nov 2014: Stages a burglary at Home Farm, employing Ross Barton and Aaron Livesy to do his dirty work

Dec 2014: Kisses Aaron Livesy and they start an affair

Feb 2014: Accidently pushes Katie Sugden to her death the morning of his wedding to Chrissie. Gets Aaron to help him cover it up

Chrissie finds out Robert was behind the raid on Home Farm and kicks him out but eventually takes him back

Jul 2015: Resumes his affair with Aaron much to Paddy Kirk’s disgust. Robert threatens Paddy, both physically and emotionally. Paddy tells Aaron, who plots his revenge which ends in Paddy being shot and Aaron revealing all to Chrissie. She chucks Robert out of Home Farm

Aug 2015: Chrissie sets fire to Robert’s car during an argument which sets of a chain of events resulting in a helicopter to crash into the village hall, killing two of the locals

Sep 2015: Robert is shot in the village whilst arguing with Chas Dingle but survives. Aaron is arrested with attempted murder although Robert struggles to believe its true

Dec 2015: Discovers Ross Barton shot him in a pact with Andy Sugden and confronts Ross in front of girlfriend Debbie, who leaves Emmerdale with Andy’s children

Jan 2016: Finds Aaron in a bad way and rushes him to hospital. Aaron tells Robert he was sexually abused by his father as a child

Feb 2016: Supports Aaron as the truth comes out and Gordon is arrested, the two growing closer much to Aaron’s half sister Liv Flagherty’s annoyance

Apr 2016: Reunites with Aaron as his dad Gordon is imprisoned. Plan a holiday but Liv comes to stay just as they are informed Gordon has committed suicide

June 2016: Aaron asks Robert to move in with him

Supports Andy when he finds out ex-wife Chrissie, now dating Andy, has framed him for shooting Lawrence. He vows to clear Andy’s name

He enlists the help of Chrissie’s estranged sister Rebbeca White, who he once had an affair with. She wants to reignite the affair but Robert turns her down

Oct 2016: Finally accepting his sexuality, verbally saying he is bisexual, Robert plans to propose to Aaron. They end up arguing and Robert blurts it out just as they are involved in the Hotten Bypass car crash

Aaron is badly injured but pulls through, accepting Robert’s proposal

Jan 2017: With Aaron becoming more jealous and paranoid about Robert’s friendship with Rebecca, they argue and Robert removes his engagement ring, saying its over. Aaron gets drunk and beats up Finn’s boyfriend Kasim when he sees them arguing. Robert and Aaron reconcile but know Aaron faces a prison sentence

Feb 2017: Throws a surprise wedding the day before Aaron is sentenced to a year in prison.

Mar 2017: When Robert finds out Aaron has turned to drugs to cope in prison, Aaron tells Robert he doesn’t need him any more. Distraught, Robert gets drunk and spends the night with Rebecca, instantly regretting it

Apr 2017: Thanks to Robert’s appeal, Aaron is freed and it looks like a new start until Rebecca reveals she’s pregnant and Robert is the father

Ryan Hawley

Ryan, from Sheffield but born in Dubai, is the fourth actor to play Robert Sugden, taking over the role from Karl Davies.

He went to university and trained to become an actor at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

Before any on screen roles, Ryan performed in productions of The History Boys and Letting in Air. Ryan appeared in other television shows such as Titanic and Father Brown. He has also acted in films most notably Devils Pass.

Ryan left drama school at 21 winning bit parts on TV. He has worked as a labourer, stacked shelves and cooked Japanese food for a living. His big break in to Emmerdale at the age of 29 made him appreciate it more.

He was nominated for Best Newcomer and Villain of the Year in the 2015 British Soap Awards, and Best On-screen Partnership and again Villain of the Year in 2016. He was also nominated for Best Soap Newcomer in the 2015 TV Choice Awards.

Ryan won Inside Soap Awards Best Newcomer in 2015, as well as the All About Soap Awards Best Moment of the Year for Robert and Aaron’s first kiss. He also won Inside Soap Awards Best Partnership 2016 with co-star Danny Miller.

Ryan is married to Daisy Prestes de Oliveira



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