Name: Priya Kotecha nee Sharma

First appeared: 14th September 2009

Born: 7th July 1986

Parents: Rishi Sharma, Georgia Sharma

Spouse: Rakesh Kotecha

Siblings: Jai Sharma, Nikhil Sharma

Children: Amba

Occupation: Manager, Sharma & Sharma

Lives: Holdgate Farm



2009: Arrives in Emmerdale and starts a fling with Cain Dingle.

Leaves Emmerdale, sick of being bossed around by her brothers

2011: Returns with her parents to meet Jai’s fiancée Charity Dingle

2013: Gets engaged to David Metcalfe.

Is devastated when David calls off the wedding within hours of the ceremony to be with Alicia.

Finds out she’s pregnant with David’s child

2014: Develops an eating disorder whilst pregnant.

Goes to a specialist clinic to recover

Gives birth to daughter Amba.

2014: Lonely, she decides to have an arranged marriage. Meets potential candidates and chooses Rakesh.

2016: Marries Rakesh

When Rakesh’s money troubles lead him into trouble, they split

Reunites with Rakesh after finding a suicide note

Fiona Wade


Fiona was born in London in 1979. Her TV roles include parts in Waterloo Road, Grange Hill, Doctors, and Where The Heart Is.

She has featured in many stage productions, including Kim in Miss Saigon, and Maria in West Side Story.

In 2017 Fiona appeared in the first series of ITV show Dance Dance Dance.




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