Name: Patrick Cedric ‘Paddy’ Kirk

First appeared: 20th Feb 1997

Born: 1st July 1969

Spouse: Rhona Goskirk (divorced), Emily Dingle (divorced), Mandy Dingle (divorced)

Children: Leo Goskirk (stepson), Aaron Dingle (emotionally)

Parents: Barbara Kirk (deceased)

Siblings: Colin Kirk

Occupation: Vet

Lives: Tall Trees Cottage



Feb 1997: Comes to the village to work as a locum vet for Zoe Tate

Is instantly smitten with Mandy Dingle but his mother Barbara paid Mandy to marry someone else – her cousin Butch

Lonely and depressed, Paddy struggles and a year later, he proposes to Mandy and she accepts.

Marries Mandy Dingle

Mandy’s father takes ill and over the next two years she is away a lot, with Paddy eventually discovering she is having an affair with her father’s carer Neil

Starts dating Emily Dingle, Butch’s widow.

On the day they are supposed to be attending best mate Marlon and Tricia’s wedding, Tricia gets cold feet and Emily and Paddy step in and get married

Fosters Debbie Jones who is discovered to be Debbie Dingle

The marriage loses passion and Paddy has a fling with Viv Windsor. Emily finds out and leaves

Tries internet dating and meets Toni Daggert but they agree to be mates. Paddy gets closer to Del Dingle and the pair start dating, when Toni realises she may have feelings for Paddy after all. Toni and Paddy get together but split when he doesn’t want to get married

Apr 2008: Cousin Ross Kirk arrives and causes mayhem, knocking down Gennie Walker whilst driving to work. He asks Paddy to say it was him. Ross then is revealed to be having an affair with Paddy’s best mate’s wife Donna. Paddy throws Ross out

Falls for Chas Dingle when she starts working at the vets and when she and her wayward son Aaron get kicked out of the Dingles, he offers them a home

Eventually Chas develops feelings for Paddy, despite Aaron’s torment of him. He was very insecure about their relationship, waiting for her to leave him.

Sep 2009: During a row with Carl King, he finds out Chas and Carl had a one-night stand when Paddy was away on a course. His worse fears are recognised, and he kicks Chas and Aaron out

Aaron hates Carl so when Chas moves in with him, Aaron goes back to Paddy’s and the two men bond

Mar 2010: Sensing that something is wrong with Aaron, Paddy pushes him to talk to him but Aaron loses it and beats him up. In the aftermath of the attack, Aaron reveals he is gay and doesn’t want to be. Paddy helps him come to terms with his sexuality

Rhona Goskirk returns to work as locum while Paddy recovers and ends up buying into the business. She rekindles her romance with Marlon but develops feeling for Paddy

Starts a relationship with Rhona, who finds out she’s pregnant with Marlon’s baby. The three agree to co-parent

May 2011: Rhona gives birth to Leo who is born with Down’s Syndrome

2012: Gets engaged to Rhona

Is offered a job in New Zealand and they decide to leave but Marlon takes legal action to stop them, forcing them to stay in the village

Dec 2012: Rhona’s friend Vanessa Woodfield buys into the surgery when Paddy gets suspended

May 2013: Rhona gets addicted to pain killers when she hurts her back, becoming aggressive and violent.

Feb 2015: Finds out Aaron has rekindled his affair with Robert Sugden and threatens to tell Robert’s wife so Robert tries to scare him by trapping him in a grain pit and saying menacing things about Leo. Paddy tells Aaron, who plans to get revenge. Paddy stops him but gets shot in the process

Sept 2015: On a night out with Marlon to find him a girlfriend, Paddy meets Tess Harris. He offloads to her about Aaron and she talks about her marriage, before they end up having sex in her car

Tess turns out to be Leo’s teaching assistant and their affair continues. Paddy breaks it off but they resume. At the same time, a broody Rhona wants to adopt a baby and asks Tess and Aaron to be referees. Paddy has to tell Aaron about the affair in order to keep it from Rhona but Aaron is furious and tells the adoption agency there are problems in the marriage

Feb 2016: When Tess is killed in a hit and run, Rhona finds out about the affair. Her and Paddy try to fix their marriage but Rhona can’t forgive him.

Apr 2016: Paddy leaves for a job in Germany

Oct 2016: Paddy returns to discover Rhona is dating Tess’ husband Pierce.

He is involved in the Hotten By-pass crash

Feb 2017: Gets drunk with Rhona on the day their divorce is finalised and they kiss. Rhona proposes to Pierce

Dominic Brunt


Best known for his role on Emmerdale, Dominic is also a successful film director. He featured in the British movie Inbred (2011), playing the role of chainsaw welding Podge, before starring and producing the zombie film Before Dawn (2012).

Before Dawn received rave reviews at horror festivals all over Europe. Dominic followed this up by directing the gritty thriller Bait.

He has starred in many of the Emmerdale spin-off DVDs and appeared on celebrity specials including Family Fortune, Mr and Mrs, The Chase, and Who wants to be a Millionaire.

Dominic was nominated in the category of Best Actor at the 2011 British Soap Awards.

He is married to actress Joanne Mitchell, who appeared in Emmerdale as Sandra Flaherty in Feb 2016.



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