Name: Nicola King nee Blackstock, previously De Souza

First appeared: 10th January 2001

Born: 13th May 1978

Spouse: Jimmy King, Donald De Souza (divorced, deceased)

Children: Angelica King, Carl Holliday (stepson), Elliot Windsor (stepson)

Parents: Rodney Blackstock, Maureen Blackstock

Siblings: Bernice Blackstock (half sister), Paul Lambert (half brother)

Lives: Victoria Cottage



Jan 2001: Comes to the village to meet her older half sister Bernice and stay with her dad Rodney

Starts chasing after chef Carlos Diaz, not knowing he is having an affair with Bernice. Carlos sleeps with Nicola when Bernice dumps him. Scared she may lose him, Nicola tells him she’s pregnant and he proposes

Admits to Bernice that she’s not pregnant on her hen night and Bernice insists she tells Carlos. When she does, Carlos tells her about his affair with Bernice and that her baby could be his, which Nicola promptly tells the whole congregation

Forgives Bernice and is godmother to Ashley and Bernice’s daughter Gabby

Seduced Robert Sugden when he was just 16-years-old but dumped him for builder Syd Woolfe, but he cheated on her with Chloe Atkinson

Starts her own cleaning business

Nov 2003: Starts dating fishmonger Simon Meredith and after a bumpy start, they get engaged. Simon ends it when he believes she is cheating with her brother Paul’s bisexual lover Ivan

Mar 2006: Leaves the village in disgrace

Sep 2007: Returns with a business proposition for David Medcalfe, who is now in charge of her cleaning business – she wants it back

Claims to be a wealthy widow, having married Donald De Souza, a millionaire tycoon

Pursues David and they sleep together behind his girlfriend Jasmine’s back. Jasmine, a local reporter, reveals Donald is actually still alive

Dec 2007: Donald regains consciousness and she even debates killing him. When Donald realises what she is up to, he agrees to divorce her and not tell the police of her plan

Jun 2008: Reconciles with David and tries various ways to make money, even selling her dad Rodney’s fairground stories

David dumps her when she tries to sabotage the church so she can buy it

Feb 2009: Drowns her sorrows with Jimmy King and ends up sleeping with him. She is embarrassed while Jimmy is keen to develop a relationship

Rodney tells Nicola that Jimmy had money hidden in a Swiss bank account so she gives him another chance but he guesses her motives and humiliates her telling everyone she is a gold digger

May 2009: Discovers she’s pregnant with Jimmy’s baby and they agree to give their relationship a proper go. Daughter Angelica is born on 6th August 2009

Jul 2010: Considers buying the Woolpack with Jimmy and his half sister Scarlett but they pull out in September

Feb 2011: Jimmy goes missing and when he is found, has amnesia. His ex-girlfriend Kelly Windsor also shows up and convices Jimmy that he was about to leave Nicola for her. Jimmy and Nicola split and he reunites with Kelly and believes her son to be his until his memory starts to return

Sept 2011: The pair get ready to divorce but after an argument they end up kissing and reunite

2015: Accepts a job in Dubai for a year and leaves Jimmy behind

When she returns, Jimmy has sold Mill Cottage and they now own Victoria Cottage. Nicola is fuming but eventually forgives him

Jun 2016: Rakesh Kotecha starts a fire at Mill Cottage which causes an explosion, with Nicola trapped inside. Nicola has a brain injury which results in a lack of feeling in her right arm and leg

Depressed, she relies on Dan Spencer for physio and kisses him. When Jimmy finds out, they split again but then reconcile

Nicola Wheeler


Nicola is best known for her role in Emmerdale but pre-fame, she appeared on Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns in the episode from Halifax, and her first screen role was on Coronation Street as Melanie Tindel.

She joined Emmerdale as Nicola Blackstock in 2000 and served for five years, before returning in 2007 as Nicola De Souza.

She won the 2006 British Soap Award for Best Bitch.

Nicola appeared on the Sky One reality show Cirque de Celebrité but was voted out on the fifth week by Blazin’ Squad member Kenzie. She appeared in the Halifax Pantomime as the Wicked Witch.

On 13 March 2015 she gave birth to her son.



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