Name: Moira Dingle nee Woodall, previously Barton

First appeared: 17th July 2009

Born: 25th April 1971

Spouse: Cain Dingle (divorced), John Barton (divorced, deceased)

Children: Issac Dingle, Adam Barton, Holly Barton (deceased), Hannah Barton, Debbie Dingle (stepdaughter)

Occupation: Farmer

Lives: Butlers Farm



Jul 2009: Arrives with husband John and her three children as the new owners of Butlers, taking over from the Sugden family

Sep 2009: Gets a job at the Woolpack as a barmaid and clashes with Marlon Dingle

John kisses farmhand Eve Jenson, who had constantly flirted with him, and is seen by Cain Dingle who tells Moira. Throws John out but they soon reconcile

Discovers daughter Holly is addicted to heroin and tries to help her kick the habit. Moira goes and buys Holly drugs to help with the withdrawals but is caught and cautioned by the police

Finds out Adam is having an affair with his girlfriend Mia’s mum Ella Macey. Declan Macey discovers the affair and goes mad, threatening the Barton’s livelihood

Oct 2011: Starts a passionate affair with Cain Dingle, who taunts John so he finds out. John throws Moira out of the farm and she goes to stay with Marlon

Moves back to look after the children when John is arrested as a suspect in Cain’s attack

Dec 2011: Grows closer to her family but is devastated when John starts seeing Chas Dingle

Feb 2012: John and Moira reconcile and the children booking them a night in a hotel. On the way, they have a terrible car accident. Moira is freed from the car by John and Declan, who was passing by, but John dies

Hannah and Holly leave the village for London

Has a fling with young farmhand Alex Moss, who is dating Victoria Sugden. She tells the village of the affair

Sep 2012: Cain offers to give Alex a job, if Moira gives Zak a job. There is a thawing between them

Nov 2012: Sleeps with Cain but gets cold feet about starting a relationship when Adam makes a remark

Dec 2012: Decides to give it a go with Cain and kisses him in front of everyone at midnight on New Years Eve

Apr 2013: Finds out she’s pregnant but soon miscarries. Cain moves in with Moira causing Adam to leave

Late 2013: Her nephew Ross Barton shows up at the farm with a gun shot wound asking for help. He is soon followed by his dada James and brother Pete who also move into the farm

James admits to Moira that he has feelings for her but she rejects him

Feb 2014: Proposes to Cain and he accepts

May 2014: Marries Cain, but is worried that James will reveal they had a fling years ago as he has realised he is Adam’s biological father

Jun 2014: Tells Cain that James is Adam’s dad so he forces her to tell Adam, who spirals out of control

Aug 2014: Supports Adam as he goes to prison after admitting to setting fire to the garage to clear Aaron’s name, but ends up being blackmailed to keep him safe

2015: Worries when Cain starts acting strange. Turns out he has a brain aneurysm

Mar 2016: The police come calling after a stolen Ferrari is spotted in the village. Cain and Moira find sheep scattered across the road and the Ferrari in the field with Charity Dingle inside. Moira gets rid of the Ferrari

Apr 2016: Daughter Holly returns to the village, when she steals Cain’s car. Moira soon realises that Holly is back on drugs.

While Cain is away, Moira goes to find Holly, visiting the drugs dealer she uses, and gets stabbed by a dirty needle. She has a HIV test and has to take drugs but keeps this from Cain. Holly gets clean

Cain finds Moira’s meds and thinks they are Holly’s. Finding out out how much Moira has kept from him, he goes on a bender and kisses Charity. When Moira finds out, she kicks him out.

Gets the all clear for HIV and files for divorce from Cain even though she still loves him

Sep 2016: Discovers Holly dead in her bed from an overdose after relapsing

Oct 2016: James tells Moira he loves her and they have sex in his car but she tells him to stay with Emma. James is then killed in the Hotten By-pass crash

Dec 2016: Has a one night stand with Pete Barton, which she admits to Cain. They have a bitter row but end up sleeping together

2017: Struggles to keep the farm going as the Barton boys want their share that James left to them

Oct 2017: Shocked when she gives birth during a barn fire started during a row with Emma Barton. After a paternity test, the baby is confirmed as Cain Dingle’s son.

Natalie J Robb


Natalie is best known for her roles as Trish McDonald in the Scottish Television soap opera Take the High Road (1990-99) and as Moira Barton in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, a role she has played for almost seven years. Her other television roles include, Dream Team (2000–2001), Doctors (2001–2004) and The Bill (2004–2005).

As a child, Natalie attended weekend drama groups in Glasgow, where she was discovered by director Alan Macmillan, later going to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She made her screen debut as a nine-year-old starring in an STV docudrama with veteran Scots star Tom Conti. At 13, she was awarded the BBC Young Entertainer of the Year award on kids’ TV show, Going Live! At the age of 14, she got the role of Trish McDonald in Scottish Soap, Take the High Road,

She then spent three years as Jude Carlyle in the BBC One daytime soap Doctors before leaving for a role as an undercover journalist posing as a police officer PC Andrea Dunbar in The Bill. Her character was based on the BBC’s Secret Policeman, Mark Daly, who infiltrated Greater Manchester Police and exposed racism among officers. Natalie named Daly as a huge influence on her, and says she was thrilled to meet him at BAFTAs, where he picked up a gong for his work.

Natalie appeared in EastEnders in July 2006 as Gemma Clewes, the mistress of Max Branning. Later that year she appeared in New Tricks. In March 2007, she appeared in a TV show called Kitchen with Eddie Izzard and in April played the part of museum curator Carla in Sea of Souls.

In July 2008, she appeared in The Shepherd: Border Patrol with Jean-Claude Van Damme, where she played Ramona Garcia, a no nonsense Captain of Border Patrol and love interest of Van Damme.

In 2009, she played the part of a counsellor in BBC One drama Waterloo Road, before joining Emmerdale as part of a new farming family, the Bartons.

For her portrayal of Moira, Natalie was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2010 Inside Soap Awards. The following year, Robb was shortlisted for Best Serial Drama Performance at the 16th National Television Awards.



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