Name: Megan Macey, previously Sharma

First appeared: 21st February 2012

Born: 4th June 1971

Spouse: Jai Sharma (divorced)

Children: Robbie Lawson (deceased), Eliza Sharma

Siblings: Declan Macey (half brother)

Occupation: Event Planner

Lives: Tenant’s Cottage



Feb 2012: Arrives in Emmerdale to support half-brother Declan’s latest business project

Apr 2012: Declan tracks down Megan’s son Robbie, who she gave up for adoption as a teenager

Robbie moves to Emmerdale and mother and son eventually bond

Pushes Katie Macey’s face into her wedding cake during an argument

Nov 2013: Starts being physically abused by Declan when he hits her

Dec 2013: Is trapped in a fire at Home Farm, which she later finds out Declan started

Apr 2014: Declan gets engaged to her enemy Charity Sharma

Jun 2014: Accidently knocks Charity to the floor, causing her to miscarry Declan’s baby. However, later find out Charity had already aborted his baby

Starts a relationship with Jai Sharma

Goes into business with Leyla Harding

Sep 2014: Son Robbie is killed in a freak accident while fighting with Charity and Declan, who is also presumed dead

Declan shows up in the village and tells Megan the truth on Charity’s lies

Jan 2015: Marries Jai Sharma

Divorces Jai when she discovers he is having an affair with Leyla

Discovers she is pregnant with Jai’s baby and gives birth to Eliza, who has cerebral palsy

2016: Starts dating Frank Clayton

Gaynor Faye


Gaynor is best known for playing Judy Mallett in Coronation Street from 1995 until 1999 and Megan Macey in Emmerdale since 2012.

She played the roles of Holly Quinn in Playing the Field; Lauren Harris in Fat Friends; Georgia Lovett in Between the Sheets and Julie in Stan the Man. She has also written two episodes of Fat Friends.

In 2006, Gaynor appeared in ITV’s Dancing on Ice with her skating partner was Daniel Whiston. On 4 March 2006, she was crowned the inaugural Dancing on Ice champion.

She also starred as Anna Williams Bedford in The Chase, a television series co-written with her mother Kay Mellor for BBC One.

Gaynor appeared in the stage adaptation of Calendar Girls alongside Lynda Bellingham at London’s Noël Coward Theatre in 2009.

In 2011, Faye played Zarina Wix in children’s programme, Dani’s House.

Gaynor has two children with partner Mark Pickering




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