Name: Marlon Sebastian Dingle

First appeared: 17th October 1996

Birthday: 20th March 1974

Spouse: Carly Hole (girlfriend), Laurel Thomas (divorced), Donna Windsor (divorced, deceased), Tricia Fisher (deceased)

Children: Leo Goskirk, April Windsor

Parents: Albert Dingle, Delilah Dingle

Siblings: Eli Dingle

Occupation: Chef at The Woolpack

Lives: Tall Trees Cottage



Oct 1996: Arrives in Emmerdale driving a red sports car, and later brings dad Albert to the village for a family do

1997: Starts working at Kathy Glover’s establishment – tea rooms at day and wine bar at night, which is when he first shows his cooking skills

Dec 1997: Tried and found guilt by the Dingle Court for hi-jacking a truck which resulted in Sam Dingle getting beaten up. He was disowned as punishment

Butch begins a vendetta against his cousin, hoping to drive Marlon out of the village, but Marlon won’t budge

Dec 1998: Zak reluctantly invites Marlon to a Christmas Day dinner.

Mar 2000: Marlon’s reign as the culinary king of Emmerdale is cut short when Kathy hires hunky Carlos Diaz to work at the diner so he switches to working at the Woolpack

Starts seeing new barmaid Tricia Stokes, although their relationship is severely tested when Tricia agrees to marry Jason Kirk’s boyfriend, Joe Fisher so he could stay in the country

Tricia invests in Marlon’s business, Chez Marlon, but sadly the business failed, and Tricia left Marlon after just a few months

Begins dating locum vet Rhona Goskirk but Tricia returns and they decide to get married but they call the wedding off when Tricia is injured on their wedding day

2003: Tricia and Marlon get married

Tricia is offered the chance to star in a Bollywood film and goes to India for six months. Lonely, Marlon has a drunken one night stand with his cousin Charity

Dec 2003: Tricia returns and finds out about Marlon’s tryst, dumping him. Just when it looks like they will reunite, Tricia is injured when part of the Woolpack’s roof collapses in a storm and eventually dies

2004: Develops a friendship with Donna Windsor which takes a romantic turn

Proposes to Donna who accepts but then starts to develop feelings for Max King and is devastated when he dies. Marlon begins to have doubts when Donna tells him how she feels but they decide to marry

They win the Kings River Showhome, which collapses following a gas explosion, leaving Marlon and Donna’s dream shattered.

2007: Marlon, attempting to solve their financial problems, is accidentally shot by Eli Dingle in a robbery but, not knowing he was in on the crime, is declared a hero

2008: Impresses celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson with his cooking in a local competition and gets a TV audition. Decides TV isn’t for him and stays at the Woolpack

Jan 2009: Donna admits to having an affair with fellow police officer Ross. Despite several attempts to save their marriage, Donna leaves the village

2010: Rhona returns to the village and she and Marlon rekindle their relationship, until she splits up with Marlon, and begins a relationship with Paddy

Rhona finds out she’s pregnant with Marlon’s baby, which is diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. Decides to co-parent with Rhona and Paddy

Tries to help his uncle Shadrach to stop drinking, having been diagnosed with liver failure and a perforated ulcer. However, Shadrach continues and collapses into the river. He is later found drowned by Marlon

2011: Marlon’s friend Laurel started developing feelings for him. They try to keep their distance until Laurel marriage to Ashley ends and they finally become a couple

Becomes involved in a bitter row and custody battle with Paddy and Rhona, who wanted to move to New Zealand, with Leo. Paddy and Marlon resumed their friendship but kept it a secret from Laurel and Rhona.

Oct 2013: Is attacked by serial killer Cameron Murray and is knocked out cold in the flooding Woolpack cellar. He later escapes and holds Cameron at gunpoint while Chas and Debbie attempt to escape. Marlon is called a hero

Mar 2014: Donna returns to the village with her daughter April, whom she reveals to be Marlon’s daughter

Apr 2014: Realises Donna is ill and is devastated when she reveals she has terminal cancer

Moves his wedding to Laurel forward in the hope Donna can be there, he and Donna kiss in the run up to the wedding which they agree to keep secret

Aug 2014: Donna is killed when she jumps off a roof handcuffed to a local crime boss. Marlon is devastated and has to tell April her mummy has gone to heaven

Sept 2014: On the day of their wedding, Laurel admits that she kisses Ashley, but Marlon understood and confessed that he did the same with Donna. They forgave each other and got married.

Apr 2015: Discovers Laurel is an alcoholic and tries to help her stop drinking but she puts April’s life at risk and runs over their dog. Marlon throws her out and they divorce

2016: Hires Carly Hope as April’s nanny but soon they develop feelings for each other and start dating

2017: Carly moves in with Marlon and April

Mark Charnock


Mark is best known for his part in ITV’s Emmerdale as lanky chef Marlon Dingle.

He was educated at Canon Slade School, Hull University and Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

Mark’s TV debut was in 1992, when he played the character of ‘Duane’ in an episode of 2point4 children. He also starred alongside Sir Derek Jacobi in TV drama Cadfael from 1994-1997. He played the bumbling Brother Oswin, a young novice who often accompanies Benedictine monk Brother Cadfael during his private investigations. He got the part of Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale in 1996 and has been playing him ever since.

In 2004, he won the award for ‘Best Dramatic Performance’ at the British Soap Awards for the storyline where Marlon was forced to switch off the life-support of his wife, Tricia Dingle.

He is married with children and is an avid supporter of Manchester United F.C. He is also a self-confessed zombie/horror movie obsessive. Along with fellow Emmerdale co-star Dominic Brunt, he hosted the city of Leeds’ first ever Zombie festival which ran from 2008 to 2015.