Name: Olivia ‘Liv’ Flaherty

First appeared: 25th February 2016

Born: 16th February 2002

Parents: Sandra Flaherty, Gordon Livesy (deceased)

Siblings: Aaron Dingle (half brother)

Occupation: Student

Lives: The Woolpack but soon to move to Mill Cottage



Feb 2002: Born to Sandra and Gordon

2009: Leaves with mum Sandra to escape Gordon’s torment of her mother

Feb 2016: Asks a man in the park for money, which he kindly gives, not realising its her half-brother Aaron

Aaron and Robert go to see Sandra to tell her about Gordon sexually abusing Aaron and they formally meet Liv

Mar 2016: Goes to visit her father Gordon Livesy. Aaron and Zak find her and bring her home

Spends time with Aaron but he’s unaware she is spying for Gordon. Records Robert admitting he paid a lad called Ryan to pretend to be another victim

Starts to become fond of Aaron and Gordon gets angry when she questions him

Apr 2016: Despite threatening to expose Robert’s lies, Liv stands up for Aaron in court. Gordon is found guilty

Moves into The Woolpack with Aaron and befriends Gabby Thomas

May 2016: Watches as Gordon is sentenced to 18 years in prison

Finds out Gordon has committed suicide in prison but initially thinks Robert killed him until DS Wise proves otherwise. She gets drunk and trashes Gordon’s house with Gabby

Pays Ryan to confess to the police to get Robert into trouble and away from Aaron

Despite arguing with each other, Liv and Robert call a truce when he supports her at Gordon’s funeral

Is a victim of cyber bullying. Robert discovers who the bully is and threatens them to stop

Starts to get on better with Robert when he moves into The Woolpack although she still plays truant, gets drunk and is gobby, as she wants a permanent home.

Uses her inheritance money to buy Mill Cottage with Aaron and Robert

Feb 2017: Disappointed when everyone forgets her birthday

Helps Robert plan a surprise wedding to Aaron before he goes to prison.

Devastated when Aaron is sentenced to a year inside but Robert assures her she is going nowhere.

Gets expelled from school for standing up to the boys who are bullying Gabby Thomas

Mar 2017: Leaves with Chas to see her mum Sandra, after she has an accident while on holiday

Isobel Steele


Prior to appearing in Emmerdale, Isobel appeared in Our Zoo, Lost, The Dumping Ground, and Oakfields as well as adverts for Iceland, Harvey’s Furniture and Bernard Mathews.

She played Chloe in a short film, A Father’s Day.

After making quite an impact on her arrival in Emmerdale in 2016, Isobel was nominated for Best Newcomer by the British Soap Awards, TV Choice Awards, and Inside Soap Awards. She won the TV Times Best Newcomer award.