Name: Lisa May Dingle nee Greaser, previously Clegg

First appeared: 13th August 1996

Born: 18th February 1956

Spouse: Zak Dingle (divorced), Barry Clegg (divorced)

Children: Belle Dingle, Sam Dingle (stepson), Cain Dingle (stepson)

Occupation: Factory worker

Lives: Wishing Well Cottage



Aug 1996: Arrives in Emmerdale and is instantly smitten when she meets Zak Dingle

Ex-husband Barry turns up and tries to blow up their home in a jealous rage

Jan 1998: Marries Zak Dingle

Dec 1998: Surprised when she gives birth to daughter Belle in the barn outside

Zak’s ex-wife Nellie turns up to cause trouble for the pair

Zak’s son Butch is killed in a bus crash, and Zak blames Lisa as she had repaired the brakes before it crashed. She moves out but Zak soon realises he can’t live without her

2001: Supports Zak as he is diagnosed with Testicular Cancer

2002: Zak runs off to South America to search for the Dingle treasure without Lisa’s blessing leaving her to run the home and fend off Shadrach Dingle, Zak’s sleazy brother

Was involved in supporting Sam Dingle when his son is born and his wife Alice dies as well as reconciling Debbie Dingle with daughter Sarah

2010: Arrested for punching a policeman and sentenced to three months in prison

Jan 2011: Is raped by work colleague Derek Benrose. She reports it to the police but there isn’t enough evidence to convict him

Apr 2012: Supports Zak as he has a mental breakdown, so consumed with guilt for beating up his son Cain Dingle

2014: Daughter Belle is sent to prison for accidently killing her best friend Gemma

2015: Supports Belle when she is diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Dec 2015: Is shocked to find out Zak is having an affair with her friend Joanie Wright. She throws Zak out and starts divorce proceedings

2016: Belle has another mental breakdown which brings Zak and Lisa closer but Zak is now married to Joanie

Zak and Lisa kiss while Joanie is in prison for assaulting a policeman

Jan 2017: Reunites with Zak following Joanie’s death

Jane Cox


Jane trained at Rose Bruford College. She also starred in episodes of Coronation Street, Hetty Wainthrop Investigates and The Bill.

Her most notable pre-Emmerdale role was as the leading female in the children’s entertainment series Allsorts, which aired at 12:10 when ITV used to broadcast children’s programmes such as Rosie & Jim, Rod, Jane and Freddy and Rainbow between 1990-1992.

When Carlton Television replaced Thames Television in 1991, it announced in 1992 that all of these shows – and thus the lunchtime strand of pre-school programmes – would be axed, to make way for an extended version of This Morning. Come 1993, when Carlton first aired in London, they were gone.

She also spent two years with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Before starting in Emmerdale, Jane used to work as a drama school teacher.



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