Name: Laurel Thomas nee Potts

First appeared: 3 September 2002

Birthday: 31 May 1974

Parents: Doug Potts, Hilary Potts (deceased)

Spouse: Ashley Thomas (deceased), Marlon Dingle (divorced)

Children: Daniel Thomas (deceased) Arthur Thomas, Dotty Thomas, Gabby Thomas (stepdaughter)

Siblings: Caroline Swann

Occupation: Supervisor at Sharma & Sharma

Lives: Mulberry Cottage



Sep 2002: Arrives at Marlon Dingle and Tricia Stokes’ engagement party, dressed as a bumblebee but collapses halfway through her act and is rushed to hospital

Moves in with pensioners Betty Eagleton and Seth Armstrong

Develops feelings for vicar Ashley Thomas and although Ashley likes Laurel, he does not feel the same about her

Starts her own cleaning business with business partner and best friend Nicola Blackstock

Ashley develops feelings for her and they start dating. Laurel decides to carry out volunteer work in Tanzania. Ashley fails to stop her with a proposal of marriage

Returns and agrees to marry Ashley but Bishop George Postlethwaite refuses them permission

Curate Ethan Blake becomes Laurel’s confidant but falls in love with her. He makes advances but she rebukes his attentions so Ethan tells George they had kissed. When George discovers Ethan has lied, he gives Laurel and Ashley his blessing and carries out their wedding ceremony

Helps Ashley reconnect with his estranged father Sandy and sells her business to David Metcalfe

Discovers that she is pregnant and goes into labour whilst locked in the village church, with only Shadrach Dingle for help. She gives birth to a boy named Daniel. Whilst in hospital she meets Melanie Doland, who also had a baby boy

Daniel dies in his cot

Hilary begins to suspect that Melanie and Greg’s son Arthur is Laurel’s child and sets out to prove there was a mix up at the hospital. After a court battle, Arthur is confirmed to be Laurel and Ashley’s child

Ashley comes back into contact with old enemy Vincent and Sally Spode. Sally tries to take over Laurel’s life, wanting Ashley for herself. When Sally becomes violent, she ends up being arrested

Starts spending more time with Marlon Dingle. They share an emotional moment and Laurel realises she has feelings for Marlon

Discovers Ashley has been abusing his father Sandy and asks for a divorce

2012: Marlon and Laurel became a couple after a year of love and attraction between them

2013: Gets engaged to Marlon, but their happiness was marred when Laurel was carjacked by Ross Barton

Marlon’s ex-wife Donna Windsor returns and his old feelings for Donna resurface, making Laurel insecure about their relationship

Donna, dying of cancer, kills herself during a fight with Gary North, a crime boss, leaving Laurel to cope with a devastated Marlon and April

Kisses Ashley and learns that Marlon had kissed Donna, making her unsure she even wants to marry him, but they go ahead

The stress took a toll on Laurel, and she steadily succumbed to alcoholism

2015: Loses her job at Sharma & Sharma and Marlon begins to find out about her drinking. After a row with Marlon when she turns violent, and running over his dog, she heads to a bar in town, letting a man take her home in exchange for booze, and stealing his money the morning after. Several weeks later she learned he’d given her an STI

At an all time low, Laurel began leaning on Ashley, again falling off the wagon

When Ashley gets run over, she drunkenly tells Bernice and Gabby that Ashley is dead when he’s still alive. When Laurel learns the truth, she finally goes on the wagon

Marlon and Laurel split and she eventually reunites with Ashley

Ashley is diagnosed with vascular dementia and tries to push Laurel away but she refuses

They remarry and have a baby daughter Dotty

Apr 2017: Laurel is devastated when Ashley dies

Charlotte Bellamy


Charlotte attended Middlesex University studying Performance Arts, graduating in 1993.

In 1996, she played the role of Jamie Merrick in A Touch of Frost : “Deep Waters”. In 1997 she played the role of the religious fanatic, Sue Taylor, in BBC’s EastEnders, but she is best known for her part in ITV’s Emmerdale as Laurel Thomas.

She won the Best Soap Actress title at the 2008 TV Quick & TV Choice Awards and has also been nominated several times at the British Soap Awards and once at the National Television Awards. She has also played Carrie in Construction Site and the characters Buddy and Daisy Do-Right in the CITV series Dream Street.

Charlotte has two sons and a daughter with partner Mungo Denison