Name: Kerry Wyatt

First appeared: 17 July 2012

Spouse: Kev Berry (divorced) Dan Spencer (void)

Children: Amy Wyatt, Sean Spencer (Stepson) Amelia Spencer (Stepdaughter)

Grandchildren: Kyle Wyatt

Occupation: Beautician & Factory Worker

Lives: Dale Head


Jul 2012: On a night out with her boyfriend, she sees kissing another girl in a bar – Kerry’s daughter Amy

Finds Amy’s address on Facebook and comes to Emmerdale to make amends. Kerry meets Val and thanks her for raising Amy, but vows to come back and sort things out

Begins a relationship with Andy Sugden. Kerry gets drunk while looking after Andy’s kids and drops a cigarette on the rug, setting Andy’s house on fire, nearly killing herself and baby Jack

Andy nearly attacks Kerry and ends their relationship. Kerry goes on holiday for a few weeks

2013: Embarks on a romance with Dan Spencer even going as far as to get a tattoo on her foot confessing her love for him

Starts working for Bernice Blackstock at her Beauty Salon

Desperate to marry boyfriend Dan Spencer, she pretends her diabetes is being treated as a terminal illness in order to win a free wedding

Dan proposes to Kerry when he and Eric Pollard do a skydive with a banner asking Kerry to marry him

The wedding is up in arms when her sleazy brother-in-law-to-be, Daz Spencer makes a play for her

Dan and Kerry marry but as the reception unfolds, Kerry’s husband Kev Berry arrives and asks for a divorce. A scuffle ensues, with Kerry, Dan, Daz, and Kev all ending up being arrested, Kerry for bigamy, and the men for affray

Grandson Kyle arrives in the village with his adoptive grandma Joanie

Aug 2015: Devastated when Ruby Haswell’s dies in front of her, due to a helicopter crashing into the village hall

2016: Finds out Dan kissed Nicola Wheeler so has a one night stand with Ross Barton. Dan finds out and they split but soon reunite

Joanie dies and Kerry tries to get custody of Kyle but ends up being arrested instead

Laura Norton

Laura has worked extensively in Newcastle and in the North East England region during her career, appearing in numerous television series working for ITV and the BBC.

She has also significant theater credits to her name working with The Royal Shakespeare Company and with Live Theatre Newcastle.

Laura began her acting career at the age of fourteen with a youth theatre project with Live Theatre in Newcastle. She auditioned for the opening play of the project called Get Out Of That Then. She continued to work with the youth theatre until she was 19. It was there that Paul James, the actor and associate director for education and participation at the Live Theatre in Newcastle, securing her first professional audition for a television series called Badger; Norton booked the role.

It would be 2004, that would mark her breakout year, with small roles as Geordie Girl in 55 Degrees North and Susie in Steel River Blues. Laura also worked as an extra on Byker Grove before she was cast as Sam, a local journalist.

Roles in Angel Cake, The Royal Today and Vera followed. She also featured in Hoops, a short feature sitcom as part of collaboration with Newcastle-based comedy improvisational group, The Suggestibles.

Laura was nominated in the best newcomer category at the 2013 British Soap Awards