Name: Jai Sharma

First appeared: 11 September 2009

Birthday: 20 July 1975

Parents: Rishi Sharma, Georgia Sharma

Spouse: Charity Dingle (divorced) Megan Macey (divorced)

Siblings: Nikhil Sharma, Priya Sharma

Children: Archie Breckle, Eliza Sharma, Mia Macey (deceased)

Occupation: Assistant Manager, Sharma & Sharma

Lives: Holdgate Farm


Sep 2009: Moves to the village with his brother Nikhil and sister Priya to open a sweet factory

2010: Ruffles feathers in the village with Carl King, Faye Lamb, Debbie and Cain Dingle

2011: Gives Charity Tate a job at the factory and makes it clear that he fancies her but thinks she isn’t interested because she is dating Cain. When Cain cheats, she changes her mind

July 2011: Gets engaged to Charity

Find’s out he is the biological father of his best friend Declan Macey’s daughter Mia

Nov 2011: Parents Rishi and Georgia Sharma arrive in the village

Dec 2011: Finds Cain Dingle beaten at the side of the road and is arrested as a suspect for attempted murder

Cain wakes up in hospital and tells the police it was Jai who attacked him although he was innocent

Jun 2012: Sleeps with cleaner Rachel Breckle after he has an argument with Charity

Jul 2012: Rachel finds that she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Jai buys a house for her but they agree to keep the paternity of the baby a secret

Dec 2012: Rachael gives birth to a son

Employs Rachel to clean Holdgate Farm, allowing him to have contact with son Archie. When Charity sees Jai with Archie, she realizes he is the father

Charity and Jai split

Rachel leaves the area, taking Archie with her

Jul 2015: Starts a relationship with Declan’s sister, Megan, but soon begins an affair with Leyla Harding behind Megan’s back

Jai and Megan get married but she finds out about the affair. They reconcile

He, Megan and baby Archie become a family until Rachel and the real Archie return

Megan discovers Jai is cheating again with Leyla and plots her revenge. They split

Aug 2015: Starts taking cocaine and makes himself seriously ill

Dec 2015: Discovers Megan is pregnant and tries to clean up his act

Sep 2016: Develops feelings for Holly Barton but as they are about to go public, Holly dies of an overdose

Mar 2017: Relapses with a drunken night out. Joins an NA meeting and meets a young addict called Nell who reminds him of Holly

Chris Bisson

Chris first appeared on television as J.J. in Children’s Ward in 1990. He went on to appear in Prime Suspect and Holby City, but he is most recognized for his roles as Saleem Khan in East is East, Vikram Desai in Coronation Street and Kash Karib in Shameless. He also appeared in the second series of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

His film career includes Perfect Day: The Wedding (2005), Perfect Day: The Funeral (2006; Channel Five) and the feature film Stepdad (filmed in February 2007).

He participated in the Channel 4 Documentary Empire’s Children (2007) tracing his paternal heritage to Trinidad in the West Indies.

Chris and his partner Rowena Finn have a son together born in 2013 and a daughter born December 2015.



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