Name: Jacob Gallagher

First appeared: 12th August 2010

Birthday: 31st March 2003

Parents: biological mother Leyla Harding, Alicia Gallagher (adoptive), Justin Gallagher, David Medcalfe (Stepfather)

Occupation: Student

Lives: Farrers Barn


Aug 2010: Moves to the village with Alicia when she splits from his dad Justin

Spends time with Leyla and her boyfriend David Metcalfe. Leyla nearly tells Jacob she is his biological mother, and the strain of silence led her to leave town after about a year

With Justin now starting a new family, and David and Alicia slowly falling in love, Jacob began to see David as a father

2013: Becomes very upset when he found out that Alicia wasn’t his biological mother

Eventually accepts Leyla as part of his life when she returns, while still seeing Alicia as his mother

2015: Struggles to cope with Alicia’s sexual assault by Lachlan White and in a fit of rage, Jacob vandalises Home Farm

Alicia and Jacob moved to Portugal. Mother and son were heartbroken when David chose to stay in the village, and Jacob chose not to contact him for some time

2016: Returns to the village, unhappy with his new life in Portugal

Develops a crush on Gabby Thomas, but they fall out over her treatment of his ‘granddad’ Eric Pollard. An angry Gabby falls out with him, but they eventually make up

Returns from seeing his mum in Portugal to find out David has testicular cancer. Offers support to David, even shaving his head

2017: Supports Gabby when her father Ashley passes away as a result of complications relating to dementia and pneumonia

Joe-Warren Plant

Best known for playing Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale, Joe also appeared with Suranne Jones in Broken Hearts in 2012

He was nominated in the British Soap Awards for Best Young Performance in 2014.



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