Name: Frank Clayton

First appeared: 11 August 2016

Birthday: 1954

Children: Vanessa Woodfield, Tracy Shankley

Occupation: Shop Assistant

Lives: Farrers Barn


Aug 2016: Visited in prison by daughter Tracy Shankley’s boyfriend David Medcalfe, having walked out on her in July 1998.

Reveals he is being released early and has written to ‘Teeny’ about this, which David was unaware of. When he asks Tracy, she denies receiving a letter.

Later contacts daughter Vanessa Woodfield, mistaking her for Tracy, which confuses Vanessa when Frank asks about her impending marriage.

On his release from prison he arrives in Emmerdale and Tracy and Vanessa are shocked to learn they are half sisters.

Megan Macey catches his eye and he charms his way into her bed with his lies before she finds out he’s a ex-con. Eventually, she does start to soften towards him.

Feb 2017: Bored with life as a shop assistant at David’s, Frank gets a taste for his old life when Charity Macey enlists his help with one of her schemes and they end up sleeping together.

Frank says it was a mistake but there is obviously chemistry between the two con artists.

Michael Praed

Michael is probably best known for his role as Robin of Loxley aka Robin Hood in the British television series Robin of Sherwood, which attained cult status worldwide in the 1980s.

He was recognised for his role as Prince Michael of Moldavia on the American primetime soap Dynasty, Phileas Fogg in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, and various films.

He is also known in the UK for his stage work in musicals and drama, and lately for his narrations. He has been the regular narrator for BBC’s history programme Timewatch since 2003.

In July 2009, Michael starred as Captain Von Trapp in the UK National Tour of The Sound of Music.

He joined Emmerdale in 2016.



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