Name: Debbie Dingle, originally Debbie Jones

First appeared: 24 December 2002

Birthday: 26 October 1989

Parents: Cain Dingle, Charity Dingle, Pat Jones (Adoptive), Moira Barton (Stepmother)

Spouse: Pete Barton (annulled)

Children: Sarah Sugden, Jack Sugden

Siblings: half brothers Noah Dingle, Kyle Winchester and Moses Dingle

Occupation: Mechanic & Businesswoman

Lives: Butlers Farm


Dec 2002: Arrives in the village as the new foster child of Paddy and Emily Kirk when her adoptive mother Pat Jones becomes ill. Debbie soon returns to Pat but she dies and Debbie goes back to live with Paddy and Emily

Discovers Charity Tate is her biological mother. Debbie moves in with Charity and Chris; Chris suggests they adopt Debbie

Charity reveals Cain Dingle is Debbie’s father and as they bond, Chris is sidelined, cancelling plans to adopt Debbie

On Chris’ death; Debbie, Charity and Cain move into Pear Tree Cottage until Charity is imprisoned for Chris’ murder. Charity leaves them for Tom King

Debbie and Cain move in with Andy Sugden and his younger brother Daz Eden. Debbie has feelings for Andy

Jun 2005: Conceals her pregnancy and gives birth in a shed. Debbie names her daughter after Andy’s adoptive mother Sarah

Becomes involved with Andy’s estranged brother Robert Sugden, who wants to hurt Andy and take Sarah away from him. He persuades Debbie to leave Emmerdale but she decides to leave baby Sarah with the Dingles. Robert reveals that he wanted Sarah, not Debbie

Cain and Debbie’s relationship completely breaks down when Debbie gives Sarah to Emily to look after away from the village without warning

Mar 2006: Starts dating Jasmine Thomas. Cain seduces Jasmine and she falls pregnant. Debbie, knowing Cain wants another child, tells him about Jasmine’s aborted baby to hurt him

They eventually make up and Cain plans leaves the village. Debbie wants to flee with Cain but Cain doesn’t allow it – instead he tells her he always loved her and gives Debbie some money

Starts working at the garage, dating her boss Scott Windsor, until he leaves the village

Emily returns Sarah to Andy and Debbie tells Andy that she does not want to be a mother. However, she starts to bond with Sarah and asks Andy for access but Andy refuses

When Andy is sent to prison, his girlfriend Jo Stiles asks Debbie to look after Sarah, which Debbie enjoys. When Andy returns and starts hitting Jo, she leaves the village but takes Sarah to the Dingles

Dec 2008: Debbie is wary of Jasmine’s new boyfriend Shane Doyle and when he tries to rape Jasmine, Debbie hits him with a chair. Debbie and Jasmine try to flee however Shane wakes up and grabs Debbie. Jasmine kills him and they dump his body in the lake

Reunites with Jasmine. Lisa wants Debbie to take custody of Sarah but Debbie refuses, worried about being arrested for her part in murdering Shane Doyle

When Shane’s body is discovered, Debbie and Jasmine run away but Debbie gets caught and arrested. At Debbie’s court hearing, Jasmine arrives and admits to murdering Shane

Found guilty of perverting the court of justice while Jasmine is found guilty of her charges. Debbie is released from prison and decides she wants Sarah back

Awarded sole custody of Sarah after Andy is diagnosed with clinical depression. Debbie and Andy patch up their relationship and Andy starts seeing Sarah again

Oct 2009: Dates Michael Conway but he dumps her to marry his pregnant girlfriend who turns out to be Debbie’s mother Charity. Debbie disowns her mother and chucks her out her house

Takes a job in Jersey and leaves Emmerdale

Mar 2011: Returns to Emmerdale in a new relationship with Cameron Murray, a man she previously had an affair with in Jersey. Sarah loves Cameron and he soon moves in

Sarah is diagnosed with a blood disorder, Fanconi Anaemia. Debbie and Andy decide to have a child together to create a new donor

Cameron can’t deal with this but Debbie begs Cameron to stay, for Sarah’s sake as well as hers. Cameron goes to live with Debbie’s aunt Chas in the pub

Mar 2012: Andy and Debbie find out their baby is a match for Sarah after Debbie undergoes tests. Cameron and Debbie reunite

Cain tells Debbie he thinks Cameron is having an affair. Debbie and Cain confront Cameron who realises how much he loves Debbie, despite his affair with Chas. Cameron proposes and Debbie says yes

Oct 2012: Gives birth to a son called Jack Sugden

Discovers six new messages from Carl on her phone after his death, showing three pictures and three texts of Cameron sleeping with Chas. Debbie kicks Cameron out

Starts dodgy dealing to raise money to provide for her kids and behaving erratically. Sarah calls social services. Andy and Debbie pass the inspection and Debbie tries to change

Jul 2013: Cameron continues to fight for Debbie and confesses he killed Carl. Debbie takes him back and they go to tell Chas but notice Gennie sneak out of Tug Ghyll. The pair chase her, which leads to Cameron murdering Gennie

Cain supports Debbie after Gennie’s death and they begin to bond again. Debbie and Chas also start to bond again but Chas discovers Debbie and Cameron are back together

Sep 2013: Finds Gennie’s dictaphone and realises Cameron mudered Gennie, working with the police to get him arrested

Oct 2013: Cameron escapes from jail, returning to the village and taking Debbie, Chas and other villagers hostage in The Woolpack. Cameron lets everyone go except Chas and Debbie. While trying to escape through the flooded cellar, Cameron is electrocuted and killed

Starts seeing Pete Barton and they eventually plan to marry

Aug 2015: Debbie has an affair with his brother Ross, which is revealed on Pete and Debbie’s wedding day, just before a helicopter crashes into the village hall

Dec 2015: Begins a relationship with Ross but leaves Emmerdale on New Year’s Day after learning Ross shot Robert and Andy was involved

Oct 2016: Sells the business and her home to Chrissie, apparently deciding also not to come back to the village

Jan 2017: Cain spots Debbie with Sarah and Jack on the TV News. She returns to the village with all the French and English police looking for her. Debbie owes £50,000. Debbie, Cain, Charity, and Ross manage to acquire the money

Debbie needs the money for Sarah’s medical treatment as she has been diagnosed with cancer

Charley Webb

Before landing the role of Debbie, Charley previously appeared on the stage in Manchester in a production of Bugsy Malone when she was eight.

She joined Emmerdale in 2002 at the age of fourteen. She was nominated for Best Actress at the 2009 British Soap Awards and was also nominated for Sexiest Female at the 2010 British Soap Awards

Charley has two older sisters and her older brother Jamie Lomas is also an actor, best known for playing Jake Stone in EastEnders and Warren Fox on the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

Charley has two sons with Emmerdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe.




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