Name: David Metcalfe

First appeared: 26 November 2006

Birthday:  27 November 1971

Parents: Eric Pollard, Lydia Metcalfe, Val Pollard (stepmother, deceased)

Spouse: Tracy Shankley, Alicia Gallagher (divorced)

Children: Jacob Gallagher (stepson), Amba Metcalfe

Occupation: Shop Keeper

Lives: Farrers Barn


Nov 2006: Arrives in Emmerdale to find his biological father, Eric Pollard.
Eric had left David’s mother before David was born and had also stolen £20,000 from her

Planned to steal the money back from Eric but when Eric found out, they went into business together, burying the hatchet permanently

Girlfriend Delilah finds out David had a one night stand with Katie Sugden. Del’s revenge was to transfer the money David had taken from Eric into an account in her name and run off to South America with it

Starts dating part-time local reporter, Jasmine Thomas

Has an affair with Mrs De Souza aka Nicola Blackstock, Rodney’s trouble-making daughter

Nicola and David continued to date throughout 2008, but near the end of the year, David dumped her over the selling of the church

Apr 2009: Starts dating Leyla Harding and runs for the local council

Jun 2010: Blackmailed by Nathan Wylde in order to get a barn conversion. Nathan set David up by getting a female friend on video. Leyla found the tape and believed he was having an affair. He convinces her it was a setup and they reconciled

Aug 2010: Found out about Leyla’s secret son Jacob Gallagher and that her sisters husband Justin Gallagher was Jacob’s biological father

David’s relationship with Leyla breaks down shortly before their wedding, when Leyla tried to kidnap her son from her sister Alicia. David couldn’t find a way to work past what Leyla had done and she left the village

2011: Took a shine to Alicia but they decided to be just friends although they got married so Jacob could keep living with David whilst Alicia served a prison sentence for assault

2012: Alicia returns from prison to find David is dating Priya Sharma, even though they both have feelings for each other

2013: Alicia is shot during the Woolpack Seige which makes David realize he wants to be with Alicia, calling off his wedding to Priya

Alicia and David begin a new relationship but it becomes rocky when Priya announces she is pregnant, but David reassures Alicia that he loves her and is only standing by Priya because she is carrying his child

The pair get married and David’s ex-fiancee and Alicia’s sister Leyla arrives back in the village, on their wedding da

Mar 2014: Discovers his ex-fiancee Priya, who is pregnant with his baby, is suffering from a severe eating disorder and that their baby could be at risk.

Priya gives birth to David’s daughter Amba in Alicia’s car. Amba appears to be fine, despite being seven weeks early

Priya tries to win David back but he tells Priya that he is a husband and a father of a son and a daughter, and that she doesn’t fit into the equation anymore, as his family is Alicia, Jacob and Amba

Feb 2015: Alicia is sexually assaulted by a teenager named Lachlan White. After Lachlan and Jacob fight, David kidnaps (then releases) Lachlan

Alicia and David make plans to move to Portugal, deciding that they’ve had enough of the drama in the village

Aug 2015: David and Alicia return to the village when Val is killed as a result of a helicopter crash. David’s dad is in a bad way and pushes David away. Alicia declares that Eric no longer loves David, and he should just leave him. David is infuriated by this. They do make up, but eventually decide to separate as Alicia is unwilling to remain in the village. David buys back his shop

Dec 2015: Finally gets through to his Dad and Eric starts to grieve for Val

Mar 2016: Worries for Eric when he has a health scare and Eric refuses to go to the doctors. Eventually Eric gives in and agrees to go…so long as David does as well. Dr. Bailey examines David finds a lump on one of his testicles, which is diagnosed as testicular cancer

Stepson Jacob supports David throughout along with new girlfriend Tracy Shankley. David decides life is too short and proposes to Tracy but she refuses him thinking its just because of the cancer

Tracy eventually says yes and the couple marry. David then finds out his cancer is in remission

Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew was a member of the British gymnastics squad until, aged 16, he fell whilst practising on the rings and broke his back. This prevented his continuing gymnastics and he turned to acting.

Before becoming part of the Emmerdale cast, he was a cast member in the musical Saturday Night Fever.

Matthew’s first acting job was as an extra on Emmerdale. He then went on to auditioned for the role of Eli Dingle, but lost out to Joseph Gilgun; then he was called back for the role of David Metcalfe.

He has also appeared in Hollyoaks: Let Loose, a spin-off of Hollyoaks.

In early 2007, Matthew finished ninth on the second series of Soapstar Superstar. He performed the songs “Bad Day” (Daniel Powter) and “Don’t Stop Me Now” (Queen).

He was partnered with Russian ice dancer Nina Ulanova for the seventh series of Dancing on Ice. His gymnastic and dance background proved to be an advantage and he ended up in the final, against Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter and The X Factor contestant Chico Slimani. Matthew continued his role in Emmerdale while training for Dancing on Ice. Matthew became the King of the Ice after beating Porter.

Matthew also appeared on a celebrity special of the game show The Chase. He advanced to the final of game with fellow contestant Lesley Joseph and they won the show, taking home £5500 each for their respective charities of choice, Matthew’s being Speak Up, a charity for adults’ with learning disabilities.

Matthew has two sons, Buster and Bowie, with partner Charley Webb, who plays Debbie Dingle on Emmerdale.



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