Name: Daniel ‘Dan’ Spencer

First appeared: 9 November 2011

Birthday: 1 April 1973

Spouse: Kerry Wyatt (engaged), Chas Dingle (annulled), Ali Breckle (divorced)

Siblings: Daz Spencer

Children: Sean Spencer. Amelia Spencer

Occupation: Mechanic

Lives: Dale Head


Nov 2011: Comes to Emmerdale to see his children but Ali and her partner, Ruby, are not pleased by his presence. Dan decides to stay around, believing he can win Ali back, but realises that won’t happen and leaves

Returns to the village a few months later, still refusing to give up on his marriage, even though Ali wants a divorce

Moves in with Bob Hope and gets a packing job at the Sharma and Sharma sweet factory

When Ali and Ruby fall out, Dan helps them repair their relationship

Develops feelings for Chas Dingle and she reciprocates. After dating for a few weeks, they get engaged and begin planning their wedding

Oct 2012: Dan is disappointed when Chas disappears on their wedding night. He later discovers that she had been having an affair with Cameron Murray

Jun 2013: His marriage to Chas is annulled

2013: Becomes romantically involved with Amy Wyatt’s mother, Kerry Wyatt, and they get engaged

Gets married to Kerry but her first husband, Kev, shows up at the reception, asking for a divorce so he could marry his new partner

Spilts with Kerry, his emotional state worsened by news of Sean joining the army. Dan and Ali seek comfort in each other, leading to sex. A pregnancy scare leads to the truth being revealed, but Dan and Kerry still reconcile.

Aug 2015: Left guilt-ridden over not being able to save Ruby Haswell when she dies in the helicopter crash and decides to become a paramedic.

Ali leaves town with her sister Rachel, with Amelia choosing to stay with Kerry and Dan.

Jun 2016: Dan’s paramedic training comes in handy after Rakesh Kotecha starts a fire at Mill Cottage which causes an explosion.

Sep 2016: Shares a kiss with Nicola King while doing physio. Kerry finds out and has a one night stand with Ross Barton. They split again but eventually reconcile…but for how long this time?

Liam Fox

Liam has had four roles in Emmerdale, most notably Dan Spencer. Prior to being cast as regular Dan, Liam appeared as PC Tyrell in December 2002, Officer Price in February 2004 and PC James in November 2006.

His other credits include Casualty, Coronation Street and The Royal.