Name: Chas ‘Chastity’ Dingle

First appeared: 16 October 2002

Birthday:  23 February 1978

Parents: Shadrach Dingle (deceased) Faith Dingle

Spouse: Gordon Livesy (deceased) Dan Spencer (annulled)

Children: Aaron Dingle (Livesy)

Siblings: Cain Dingle (half brother) Gennie Walker (half sister, deceased)

Occupation: Pub Landlady

Lives: The Woolpack


Oct 2002: Arrives in Emmerdale dressed as a nun for her cousin Marlon’s stag night. Gets a job as barmaid at The Woolpack

Feb 2006: Chas’ son Aaron Livesy lives with her ex-husband Gordon, and rejects Chas’s attempts to make amends for this. After he deliberately told her about Carl’s sleeping with Delilah, she ceased contact so Gordon, Aaron and his new wife, Sandra, could become a proper family

Begins dating Carl King, a turbulent relationship due to Carl’s family disapproving and his wondering eye

Rebuilds her relationship with her son, Aaron, who is arrested for drug offences and rescued from the McFarlanes. Aaron and Chas move in with Paddy Kirk

Chas and Paddy’s relationship turns romantic, but she cheats on Paddy with Carl. When Paddy throws them out, Aaron insists she choose – him or Carl – and when she chooses Carl, he moves back in with Paddy

Apr 2010: Aaron and Chas eventually reconcile and she is devastated when Aaron almost commits suicide. Aaron finally tells his mother that he is homosexual and she supports him as he comes out

Dec 2010: Jilts Carl at the altar, taking all his money, after she discovers he is having an affair with Eve Jenson

Jun 2011: Supports Aaron following the death of his boyfriend Jackson Walsh which leads to Aaron starting to self-harm

Apr 2012: There are emotional goodbyes when Aaron goes on the run to France after taking the blame for a crime he didn’t commit

Goes into partnership with Diane Sugden, landlady of The Woolpack

Has an affair with Debbie Dingle’s boyfriend Cameron Murray, but when a newly-pregnant Debbie is accidentally injured, endangering her and the baby, they end their affair

Starts a whirlwind relationship with Dan Spencer and they get engaged. Carl discovers Chas and Cameron’s affair and threatens to tell Debbie, unless he is given his money back

Oct 2012: When Chas gives Carl the money, he tries to stop her marrying Dan. The wedding goes ahead and Chas tries to leave the village, but Carl tries to force himself on her. Chas picks up a brick and hits him over the head with it. Carl is later found dead and Chas believes she killed him and is arrested for his murder

Found not guilty and returns to the village, much to the dislike of Debbie and Charity, with Debbie swearing to make Chas’ and Cameron’s lives a living hell after discovering their affair

Jul 2013: Gennie suspects that Cameron and Debbie are having an affair, and warns Chas. Gennie’s suspicions are confirmed but she dies after being suffocated by Cameron in order to keep his secret

At Gennie’s funeral, Chas learns Cameron has been having an affair with Debbie and chucks him out

Sep 2013: Cameron’s murderous crimes are exposed by Debbie and Chas

Oct 2013: Held hostage in the Woolpack siege by Cameron, resulting in his death.

Feb 2014: Becomes romantically involved with James Barton

Aug 2014: Aaron returns to help his best friend Adam and decides to hand himself in. He gets a suspended sentence and moves into The Woolpack with Chas.

Feb 2015: Discovers Aaron is having an affair with Robert Sugden, who Chas hates due to his treatment of her late best friend Katie Sugden.

Finds out James has slept with his scheming ex-wife, Emma.

Aug 2015: Traumatized when Robert Sugden is shot while arguing with her. Aaron is later arrested for the shooting but Diane believes Aaron is covering for Chas.

Fears she is being stalked when strange things begin to occur around the pub; It is later revealed that Chas is the real culprit as she has been sleepwalking.

Nov 2015: Believing the ‘intruder’ has returned to the pub, Chas picks up a knife and unknowingly stabs Diane, who has returned from a night out. She is diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, after years of built up stress from Cameron’s reign of terror and Carl’s murder, which was triggered after she witnessed Robert being shot.

Dec 2015: Diane’s stabbing reveals she has stomach cancer and while receiving chemotherapy, Diane encounters Gordon, Chas’ ex-husband. Chas and Gordon start dating again behind Aaron’s back which upsets Aaron.

Feb 2016: Goes into business with Charity after she buys Diane Sugden’s share of The Woolpack

Aaron tells Chas his dad repeatedly raped him as a child.

Apr 2016: Supports Aaron in court and takes the stand. The defence brings up Chas’ PTSD and Chas apologises, thinking she failed Aaron.

Chas accepts that Robert is now Aaron’s boyfriend

May 2016: Finds out ex-husband Gordon Livesy has committed suicide in prison.

Starts having nightmares again and admits herself into a mental health clinic. She returns a few weeks later.

Mar 2017: Her estranged mother Faith turns up in the village for the first time in over 12 years.

Apr 2017: Attempts to build bridges with Faith and feels rejected. Chas is shocked to learn Faith secretly battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

Leaves Emmerdale to take Liv abroad to see her mother.

Lucy Pargeter

Lucy is best known for playing Helen Raven in Crossroads and Chas Dingle in Emmerdale.

She trained at the Central Junior Television Workshop and New College, Nottingham. She was a member of the band Paperdolls, which toured with Boyzone in the 1990s and took part in Stars in Their Eyes as Emma Bunton.

She has appeared in Soldier Soldier, Dalziel and Pascoe, and played the role of Brenda in the film Anita and Me. However, it is for her roles as Helen Raven in Crossroads and Chas Dingle, whom she currently plays in Emmerdale that she is best known.

In January 2006, she appeared in the reality singing competition Soapstar Superstar and finished in third place.

In 2007, Irish channel TV3 hosted the TV Now magazine awards. Lucy and fellow Emmerdale actor Tom Lister won Best Couple for their portrayal of Chas and Carl. In the summer of 2011, she appeared on a celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, with on-screen son Aaron (Danny Miller).

In November 2013, Lucy entered the thirteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, where she took part in ‘bush tucker trials’ and several tasks and finished in third place.

In 2016, Lucy revealed that she was pregnant with twins following IVF treatment, and went on maternity leave in early March 2017. She already has a daughter with partner Rudy. Her twin daughters were born around Easter 2017.