Name: Maiden name Charity Dingle but formerly Sharma, Tate, King, Macey…

First appeared: 30th March 2000

Birthday: 9th January 1976

Parents: Obadiah Dingle, Kathleen Dingle

Spouse: Chris Tate (deceased), Jai Sharma (divorced), Declan Macey (divorced)

Children: Debbie Dingle, Noah Dingle, Moses Dingle

Grandchildren: Sarah Sugden, Jack Sugden

Occupation: Pub Landlady

Lives: The Woolpack


Mar 2000: Arrives in Emmerdale with Cain and Shadrach Dingle for her cousin Butch’s funeral

Seduces Chris Tate, a wheelchair-using millionaire, and has an affair with his sister Zoe

Nov 2001: Marries Chris Tate. Zoe is sectioned after setting fire to the church and is diagnosed with schizophrenia

Discovers the foster-child of Paddy and Emily Kirk is her biological daughter Debbie. Begins an affair with Cain behind Chris’ back

Chris frames Charity for his murder after he discovers he has an inoperable brain tumour and Charity’s affair. Charity is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment

Oct 2003: Collapses at a hearing and is rushed to hospital, discovering she is eight weeks pregnant

Mar 2004: Gives birth to Noah Tate, Chris’ son, and sells him to Zoe in exchange for £20,000 and evidence to free her from prison. Disgusted with her mum, Debbie burns the money. Zoe is refused permission to adopt Noah and he returns to his mother at Holdgate Farm

Sets her sights on the new local millionaire; Tom King, however his daughter-in-law Sadie sees through Charity as a gold digger. Despite this, Tom proposes but Sadie sabotages the wedding and he calls it off

Feb 2005: Begins an affair with Jimmy, Sadie’s husband and Tom’s son

Mar 2005: After blackmailing Jimmy, Charity reveals all to the King’s during Jimmy’s 40th birthday party. Tom begs Charity to take him back. Charity refuses and drives out of the village with Noah

Oct 2009: Has her wedding to Michael Conway interrupted by Michael’s mistress – who happens to be Charity’s daughter Debbie

Moves into Tug Ghyll with Debbie. Tries to fleece Cain but can’t go through with it. Debbie chucks her out and she leaves

Charity proposes to a surprised Cain and he says yes. Cain springs a surprise wedding but Charity refuses to go through with it, not ready for marriage to Cain

2011: Begins working for Jai Sharma as a property developer and project manager. Cain becomes jealous of Charity and Jai’s working relationship, causing them to split

Jan 2012: Marries Jai Sharma. Reveals she doesn’t want any more children much to Jai’s disappointment

Nov 2013: Finds out Jai has cheated on her with her cousin Sam’s girlfriend Rachel, resulting in Rachel giving birth to Jai’s son Archie. They split

Works with Declan Macey to frame her cousin, Sam, for the arson in the hope Sam and Rachel will go on the run so Jai loses his son. Blackmails Rachel into leaving and taking the blame

Marries Declan and fakes a miscarriage when terminating her pregnancy. Charity agrees to try for another baby with Declan

Sep 2014: Declan tries to murder Charity but his nephew Robbie is killed during the attempt and Declan is presumed dead when he disappears

Oct 2014: Declan returns to tell the Sharmas and the Dingles what Charity did to Sam and Rachel

Jan 2015: Appears in court and is sentenced to up to two years in prison

Jun 2015: Gives birth to Moses Dingle in prison, after a one night stand with Ross Barton

Mar 2016: Returns to Emmerdale in a stolen Ferrari

Buys Diane Sugden’s half of The Woolpack and becomes a landlady with Chas Dingle

Jul 2016: Sleeps with Cain who is on the rebound from Moira and tries to get him to leave the village with her, but Cain refuses

Feb 2017: Sleeps with Frank Clayton, who is in a relationship with Megan Macey

Emma Atkins

Emma is best known for playing the role of Charity Tate on Emmerdale from 2000 to 2005 which was her first appearance on British television. After leaving Emmerdale, she appeared in episodes of the BBC series Dalziel and Pascoe, Mayo, I’m with Stupid, New Street Law, Doctors and Casualty.

She is an experienced Voice-over artiste as well as a television and stage actress. Emma made an appearance in Heartbeat, in the episode ‘Only Make Believe’ aired on 6 January 2008 playing Lesley Ashton, a mentally ill woman obsessed with PC Don Wetherby.

Emma played the role of “Amy” in Murder in the Afternoon – The Longest Journey, an Afternoon Play by Peter Whally broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and was heard on BBC Radio 3 in Dead Code – Ghosts of the Digital Age by Jeff Noon for BBC Radio 3.

In 2005, Emma appeared in a revival of Two by Jim Cartwright at Octagon Theatre, as the ‘special guest star’ in a touring run of The Play What I Wrote and in the summer of 2006, Atkins appeared in an open air run of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Stafford Castle to much acclaim and over Christmas of the same year, the pantomime Dick Whittington at Stafford Gatehouse. Her role as Joan Sims in the West End show ‘Stop Messing About’ drew critical acclaim.

Emma has been up for numerous awards at the British Soap Awards. She was nominated for Best Actress at the 2010 British Soap Awards

On 18 March 2009, it was revealed Emma would be returning to Emmerdale and reprising her role of Charity and made her reappearance on 1 October 2009.

She left the show briefly in 2015 on maternity leave and gave birth to her son Albert.




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