Name: Cain Dingle

First appeared: 30th March 2000

Birthday: 30th November 1974

Parents: Zak Dingle, Faith Dingle. Lisa Dingle (Stepmother) Shadrach Dingle (Stepfather, deceased)

Spouse: Moira Dingle (separated)

Children: Debbie Dingle, Kyle Wyatt, Adam Barton (Stepson) Holly Barton (Stepdaughter, deceased), Hannah Barton

Grandchildren: Jack Sugden, Sarah Sugden

Siblings: Chas Dingle, Sam Dingle, Belle Dingle, Tina Dingle, Nathan Dingle, Ben Dingle (deceased), Butch Dingle (deceased) – all half brothers/sisters

Occupation: Garage Owner

Lives: Butlers Farm Caravan


Mar 2000: Arrives for his brother Butch’s funeral, blaming police officer Angie Reynolds and business owner Chris Tate for his death

Oct 2002: In a planned revenge, he seduces Angie’s daughter, Ollie, while sleeping with her mother, who he falls in love with but she later dies

Discovers Paddy and Emily Kirk’s foster daughter Debbie Jones is his and Charity Dingle’s biological daughter from a fling when they were teenagers

Moves with Debbie in to Butler’s Farm with Andy Sugden, who Debbie briefly dates, resulting in daughter Sarah. Debbie lets Emily adopt Sarah infuriating Cain.

Sleeps with Debbie’s friend/girlfriend Jasmine Thomas. Debbie and Sadie King help Jasmine terminate her pregnancy, knowing Cain wanted to be a father

Jul 2006: Works with Sadie to damage the King’s River Show Home resulting in an explosion that kills Dawn Woods, Noreen Bell and David Brown

Tells the police that he killed Alice so Samson will not lose both parents and his family forgive him (including Debbie), and Sadie bails him out

Sep 2006: Hatches an almighty plan of revenge with Sadie King on Tom and Matthew King by plotting to kidnap Tom, but Debbie tells Cain that Sadie paid for Jasmine’s abortion, so he double-crosses her in the most spectacular way and leaves Emmerdale

Feb 2009: Returns to support Debbie as she is on remand for murdering Shane Doyle and is also in a custody battle with Andy

Oct 2009: Finds out Debbie has been dumped by boyfriend, Michael who is marrying his pregnant fiancée – which turns out to be Charity

Dec 2009: Returns with gifts for Debbie and Sarah, reconciling with Charity on Christmas Day after she proposes to him

Oct 2010: Gets involved with blackmailing the Wylde family after discovering Natasha had murdered her husband Mark and attempted to cover it up

Apr 2011: Charity dumps him after he has a one-night stand with Faye Lamb and sleeps with Amy Wyatt, who falls pregnant. Cain tries to force her to have an abortion but she’s too far gone

Has an affair with Moira Barton and tells her husband John, then starts sleeping with Priya Sharma to annoy her brother Jai Sharma

Disgusted, Debbie throws him out and Cain confronts John, Moira, Chas and Amy before leaving the village, but is later found badly beaten on the side of the road, resulting in a ‘who done it’ mystery. Cain recovers, and his father Zak admits that he was responsible

Mar 2012: Saves Holly Barton’s life when she relapses on heroin and angers her brother, Adam, who confronts Cain for what Cain has done to his family. Adam sets fire to the garage and leaves Cain to die but then saves him. Cain’s nephew Aaron begs Cain to say the fire was an accident, and Cain threatens Adam

Dec 2012: Gets back with Moira Barton and they go public with their relationship on New Year’s Eve, by kissing in the Woolpack

Apr 2013: Moira learns that she is pregnant but miscarries. Despite this, their relationship gets stronger and Cain moves in with Moira and Adam

Oct 2013: Cain and Moira’s life is intruded when Ross Barton shows up, having assisted Cain in a job to steal money from Declan Macey to secure Moira’s farm. Ross is followed by his father, James and his other sons, Pete and Finn

Mar 2014: Clashes with James when he makes a pass at Moira. Gets engaged to Moira

May 2014: Marries Moira Barton

Dec 2014: Suffers a brain aneurysm and although he recovers from his condition, is aware that the aneurysm will still exist inside his brain

Jun 2015: Tries to stop Debbie’s affair with Ross Barton before her wedding day to his brother Pete

Rescues son Kyle who is trapped in the debris of the village hall after a helicopter crashes into the building on Debbie’s wedding day

Feb 2016: Holds Gordon Livesy hostage when he discovers Gordon repeatedly raped his nephew Aaron throughout his childhood but Aaron stops him killing Gordon

Mar 2016: Cain’s car gets stolen, and he and Moira track down the car discovering the driver is Moira’s daughter Holly, who moves in with them

Jul 2016: Holly relapses and becomes addicted to drugs again, which Moira tries to hide from Cain. When he discovers Moira’s betrayal and that she may have contracted HIV from being scratched by a dirty needle, he issues Moira with an ultimatum but Moira stands by Holly, who later overdoses

Moira asks Cain for a divorce when she finds out he’s having a fling with Charity… again

Feb 2017: His mother Faith returns to the village

Apr 2017: Starts a secret fling with the village vicar Harriet Finch

Jeff Hordley

Jeff is best known for his portrayal of bad-boy Cain Dingle in the British soap opera Emmerdale. He has played the recurrent role since 2000, most recently returning to British television screens on 28 April 2009.

He had previously appeared in Coronation Street as a minor character on the episode broadcast 28 November 1998.

After appearing as Cain Dingle, Jeff was an obvious choice to play a pantomime villain, which he did in the 2006–07 production of Mother Goose at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, London. He later played Napoleon in the George Orwell classic Animal Farm at Leeds’ West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2008, and the role of Mick in Pinter’s 1960 play The Caretaker when staged at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre in 2009.

He married his college sweetheart Zoe Henry in 2003. Zoe co-stars alongside Jeff in Emmerdale as Veterinary Surgeon Rhona Goskirk. The couple have two children; a daughter named Violet, born in 2005, and a son called Stan, born in April 2008.

In 1996, Jeff was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an incurable and potentially life-threatening illness. He has experienced symptoms since age 20 and regularly gives interviews to raise awareness of the condition.

Jeff is a keen DJ and loyal Manchester City fan.



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