Name: Tinkerbelle Lisa ‘Belle’ Dingle

First appeared: 25th December 1998

Birthday: 25th December 1998

Parents: Zak Dingle, Lisa Dingle

Occupation: Student

Lives: Wishing Well Cottage



Dec 1998: Born the only child of Zak and Lisa Dingle on Christmas Day

Dec 2005: Fell down the mineshaft with Daz Eden

Feb 2006: Ring bearer at cousin Marlon Dingle’s wedding to Donna Windsor.

Teachers discover Belle is a ‘gifted’ child and she is sent to private school, thanks to Rosemary King

Feb 2009: Develops friendship with Will Wylde

Aug 2011: Befriends Amy Wyatt and helps hide her pregnancy

Dec 2011: Shares first kiss with Sean Spencer

Suffers alcohol poisoning from drinking contaminated vodka

Argues with best friend Gemma, pushes her causing her to hit her head and subsequently die.

Consumed by guilt, hands herself in and is charged with murder.

Sentenced to three years in prison which is reduced to one year

Released from prison, her behaviour turns erratic around her family.

Nov 2014:  Discovered in the church, crying and covered in blood, thought to have been attacked.

Becomes friends with Lachlan White

Belle’s erratic behaviour worsens, talking to an imaginary Gemma, resulting with Belle being diagnosed with the mental illness, Schizophrenia.

Jul 2015: Sets up Granny Clegg’s cordials with Kirin Kotecha

Sep 2015: Begins a relationship with Kirin, resulting in them sleeping together.

Realizing Kirin does not love her, Belle calls off her relationship with him.

Dec 2015: Belle witnesses her father kissing Joanie Wright, and reveals their affair on Christmas Day.

Mar 2016: On a trip to the Doctors, Belle meets Jermaine Bailey who treats her hand.

She goes on a date with him but discovers he is married and begins an affair.

Jermaine ends the affair when he discovers that Belle is only 17 years old but soon starts it up again.

Jul 2016: Jermaine’s wife discovers the affair and he and Belle go public when Belle announces she is pregnant.

Sep 2016: Belle, who isn’t pregnant at all, starts hallucinating again and suffers a breakdown, running away. When found she is hospitalised.

Dec 2016: She returns to the village to try and rebuild her life without Jermaine.

Eden Taylor-Draper


Eden is the second actress to play Belle Dingle; she took over the role in 2005.

That year’s Christmas Day storyline, that saw Belle fall down a mineshaft, won her and Luke Tittensor (Daz Eden) the ‘Spectacular Scene of the Year’ award at the 2006 British Soap Awards.

She also won the ‘Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress’ award in only her second year in the soap in 2007.

Won the title of ‘Best Young Actor’ at the Inside Soap Awards on 24 September 2007, as well as ‘Personality of the year’ award at the Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards in the same year.

Nominated for ‘Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress’ at the British Soap Awards 2008, and Best Young actress at the Inside Soap Awards in September 2008.

Won ‘Best Young Performance’ at the British Soap Awards 2013.