Name: Arthur Thomas

First appeared: 26th August 2007

Birthday: 26th August 2007

Parents: Laurel Thomas, Ashley Thomas (deceased).

Siblings: Gabby Thomas (half sister), Daniel Thomas (deceased), Dotty Thomas

Lives: Mulberry Cottage


Aug 2007: Arthur is born the biological son of Ashley and Laurel.

An accidental baby-swap sees him being given to Greg and Melanie Doland,

Laurel’s mother Hilary Potts soon starts to think that Arthur is not Greg and Mel’s son, and eventually DNA tests prove this.

Jun 2008: The courts decide Arthur is Ashley and Laurel’s son.

Greg and Mel leave the village.

Sep 2016: Sister Dotty is born

Apr 2017: Arthur’s father Ashley dies

Alfie Clarke


Born 18th November 2007 in Leeds, Alfie is the third actor to play Arthur Thomas in Emmerdale.

He took over the role from Billy Harrower in 2009 and made his first credited appearance in the role in December 2015.

After being involved in the Thomas family’s dementia storyline, Alfie announced he was preparing for a sponsored swim to raise money for real-life people with Alzheimer’s disease. His initial target of £250 was smashed, with over £4,500 in donations.