Name: Formally Aaron Livesy, unofficially Mr Sugden, #Robron

First appeared: 24 December 2003

Birthday: 5 January 1992

Parents: Chas Dingle, biologically Gordon Livesy (Deceased), emotionally Paddy Kirk.

Husband: Robert Sugden

Siblings: Liv Flaherty

Occupation: Mechanic, Co-owner of Holy Scrap

Lives: The Woolpack, soon to reside at Mill Cottage


Nov 2008:
 Returns to Emmerdale to live with his mum permanently

Mar 2010:  Comes out as gay to Paddy Kirk and tries to kill himself

Jun 2010: Starts his first proper relationship with Jackson Walsh

Oct 2010: Jackson is paralysed in a train crash after a row with Aaron

Jun 2011: Helps Jackson with an assisted suicide, charged with murder but later found not guilty.

Unable to shake his guilt, starts self harming and ends up in counselling

Apr 2012: Goes on the run from the police to France with new boyfriend Ed Roberts

Aug 2014: Returns to Emmerdale to bail Adam out of trouble

Dec 2014: Starts an affair with Robert Sugden, who is engaged to Chrissie White

Feb 2015: Helps Robert cover up the accidental death of Katie Sugden on Robert’s wedding day to Chrissie

Jul 2015: Confesses his affair with Robert to his wife Chrissie, ending Robert’s marriage

Jan 2016: Starts self harming again due to the appearance of his biological father Gordon.

Admits to Robert that he had been sexually abused by Gordon as a child

Feb 2016: Aaron’s half sister Liv Flaherty arrives on the scene

Apr 2016: Aaron and Robert get back together, Gordon is sent to trial and found guilty, committing suicide in prison.

Liv moves into the Woolpack

Oct 2016: Aaron and Robert get engaged

Jan 2017: Arrested for beating up Finn Barton’s boyfriend Kasim after a row with Robert

Feb 2017: Robert arranges a surprise wedding ceremony for Aaron.

Sentenced to 12 months in prison the next day

Mar 2017: Targeted by the prison bully, Aaron turns to the drug Spice to cope

Apr 2017: Released from prison following an appeal, starts counselling

Danny Miller

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Danny MillerDanny’s portrayal of Aaron has won a legion of fans and praise from his peers as well as numerous awards.

With no professional training, Danny has won nine best actor awards including the British Soap Awards’ Best Actor three times. He has also won an array of storyline awards along with the British Soap Awards’ Best Male Dramatic Performance.

His first major role was in 2007, when he played Kyle Brown in the long-running BBC children’s show Grange Hill. He followed this in 2008 with his most prominent role, being the second actor to portray Aaron Livesy on Emmerdale.

Danny left Emmerdale in 2012 to explore other opportunities and landed roles in the ITV dramas Lightfields and Scott and Bailey, as well as the BBC’s Jamaica Inn. He also appeared in pantomime in Blackpool.

He returned to Emmerdale in 2015 but continues to explore other roles, with his first casting in a feature film, playing Nicholas in the 2016 film Cruel Summer.

Danny, from Stockport, is a massive Liverpool FC fan, and founder of Once Upon a Smile, a charity supporting bereaved children.