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comment. Liste. T2 MUITI-CALIBER" , "SN:8B227973" and shooting mode markings- Comes with Alloy handguard with 20mm Rail- Comes with Alloy outer barrel with flash hider- Comes with polymer flip-up iron sights- Comes with Retractable Stock - Comes with Alloy dummy bolt release- Comes with Alloy charging handle, trigger, selector, magazine release- Comes with Polymer trigger guard- Package includes 60 rounds magazine and 120 round magazine** Please note that batteries and chargers are not included **Specifications:Length: 560mm / 650mm (total length)Weight: 2042g (with long magazine) / 1974 g (Short magazine)Color: Black Material: Plastic, AlloyHop-up: AdjustableShooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto, Full-AutoMagazine Capacity: 60 /120 RoundsBullet Type: 6mm BBBattery: 9.6V Battery (mini type plug)Power(Muzzle Velocity): 300 FPS (0.2g BB)Manufacturer : ARES, Amoeba 140rd mid-Cap Magazine for M4 AEG Series (10pcs pack)- BK, Hakkotsu Thunder B Sound flash Shell Replacement Set (12pcs, BL), APS CAM 870 Shotgun Cartridge Cover Part (Orange), ARES M4 M45 S CLASS - L Pistol AEG (Black , two magazine), P.S. We specialise in stocking standard and bespoke airsoft products as well as offering various custom services. ปืน Airsoft Gun ,  We have many years of experience in the airsoft industry with a strong background in custom builds and services. Hi everyone I hope someone can help me my son has the m45 s class and it's a brilliant CQB weapon I have it set perfectly and is very accurate, my problem is the battery it just don't fit. Call Us : +6699 130 6464 . What are your thoughts? ARES M4 M45 CLASS S Pistol AEG (Black , two magazine) CYMA Socom MK23 style 14mm CCW 189mm Silencer (Black) Armorer Works HX2502 Hi-Capa GBB Pistol (Black, Hex Cut Slide) WE Junior .25 Mighty Mouse GBB Pistol (Black) ARES M4 M45 Pistol AEG Mid-cap 120 rounds magazine (Black) Ares m45 s-class short. Pros/cons?

Company About us MEDIA CENTER News. save hide report. Ares / Amoeba , , พานท้ายพานท้าย Arm Stabilizing สามารถยืด-หดได้ ปรับได้ 12 ระดับ (ต้องใช้ประแจหกเหลี่ยมเพื่อปรับระดับ)กระโจมหน้าชุดหน้าวัสดุเป็นอลูมิเนียมอื่นๆ- ชุดไกไมโครสวิตช์ ไกแต่งแบบตรง- มีสวิตช์ปรับโหมดทั้ง 2 ข้าง- ศูนย์หน้า-หลังแต่ง ใช้งานได้ 2 แบบ ทั้งพับลงและตั้งขึ้น- ปุ่มปลดแม็กกาซีนแต่ง- Upper และ Lower พลาสติก- กริปมือ AMOEBA- แม็กกาซีนแบบสั้น และแม็กกาซีนแบบยาว, คุณสมบัติสวิทช์ปรับโหมด 2 ข้างบอดี้ส่วนบน และ ส่วนล่าง เป็นพลาสติกเกียร์บอกซ์เสริมโลหะชุดเฟืองเหล็กมอเตอร์ ARES  รายละเอียดประเภท : ปืนกลไฟฟ้าวัสดุ : โลหะ และ ไนล่อนไฟเบอร์โหมดยิง : Safe/Semi/Full Autoแม็กกาซีน : มีแบบ 150 นัด และ 300 นัด (6mm BB)ฮอบ : ปรับได้ความเร็ว : 350 FPSประเภทเกียร์บ็อกซ์ : EFCS Gearboxวัสดุเกียร์บ็อกซ์ : โลหะมอเตอร์ : แรงขับสูง, Copy Right by (Wild Outdoor Co.,Ltd). Our lines are open Mon to Fri, 10:00AM to 17:00PM, Ares M45 CNC Handguard (Long - Tan - HG-036-DE), Ares M45 CNC Handguard (Mid - Tan - HG-035-DE), Ares M45 CNC M-Lok (Short - Black - HG-037-BK), Ares M45 CNC Handguard (Mid - Black - HG-035-BK), Ares M45 Series Retractable Stock with Stabilizing Brace (Black - AM-ABS005-BK), Ares M45 CNC M-Lok (Mid - Tan - HG-038-DE), Ares M45 CNC M-Lok (Short - Tan - HG-037-DE), Ares M45 Series Extendable Buffer Tuber (Long - Black - BT-012) (X-Class Only), Ares M45 Series Stock (Black - AM-ABS007-BK), Ares M45 Series Stock (Tan - AM-ABS007-DE), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Black - AR-083E - With Drum Magazine), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Tan - AR-084E - With Drum Magazine), Ares M45X-S - Flash Hider - Type D (GH-031), Ares M45X-S - Flash Hider - Type B (GH-029), Ares M45X-S - Flash Hider - Type E (GH-032), Ares M45X-S - Flash Hider - Type A (GH-028), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Retractable Stock with Arm Stabilizing Brace - Black - AR-086E), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Retractable Stock with Arm Stabilizing Brace - AR-086E) (Blue), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Retractable Stock with Arm Stabilizing Brace - Tan - AR-085E), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Tan - AR-084E), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (AR-083E) (Blue), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (Black - AR-083E), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (S-Class S - AR-087E) (Blue), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (S-Class S - Black - AR-087E), Ares M45X-S with EFCS Gearbox (S-Class L - Tan - AR-088E). Cette M4 stubby avec chargeur pistol .45 se démarquera parfaitement sur un terrain de CQB grâce à ses caractéristiques atypiques. ARES M45 AR087-088E S-Class . M4 45 PISTOL- S CLASS-L. Ambidextrous Fire Selector; Plastic Upper & Lower Receivers; Reinforced Metal Gearbox; ... M45-S-S. Small Banner. acc. ares m45s, Réplique AEG de M45S-S de marque Ares. Close. M4 45 X CLASS AR-083E (BLACK) AR-084E (DARK EARTH) • LENGTH : 358mm ... M45 Series.

I'm looking for opinions on the Ares m45.

Seen it on sale and was previously looking at the arp9 but now the Ares is currently cheaper. : for Airsoft knowledge exchange in All airsoft fans. Video. 100% Upvoted. Sort by. Log in sign up. Press J to jump to the feed. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Bespoke Airsoft is a retailer based in Cannock Staffordshire. Grille 

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My friends are saying it would be difficult. Ares Airsoft.

0. User account menu. I’m buying an ares m45 s class from my cousin this Sunday and I’m super hyped, 9mm rifles look amazing, let’s see how you run yours? BBGUNZONE Airsoft Gun Stores. Copy Right by (Wild Outdoor Co.,Ltd) ผู้เข้าชมทั้งหมด 5,982,905. Need help with your order? 3 comments. Ares m45 s-class. I've recently bought an ares m45 s-class and I want to replace the stock because its uncomfortable. Resources Catalog Manuals Poster & WALLPAPER. Javascript est désactivé dans votre navigateur. Company About us MEDIA CENTER News. หมวดหมู่ : ARES Amoeba AM-007 (เลือกสี) CONTACT US. Are there any quick replacements I can use. Features:- Adjustable hop-up system- Comes with Polymer upper receiver with 20mm top rail- Comes with Polymer lower receiver with "FG HKMFG.TW N.T. ปืนยาวไฟฟ้า , 

save hide report. We aim to satisfy both avid airsoft players and gun collectors. Javascript doit être activé dans votre navigateur pour utiliser toutes les fonctionnalités de ce site. our company, --------------------------------------------------. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Established in 2010, ARES has been producing excellent airsoft product with our simple and direct technical innovation. Log in or Sign up log in sign up.

Couleur DE. Avec crosse coulissante, 2 chargeurs, gearbox QD et système EFCS. Resources Catalog Manuals Poster & WALLPAPER. Ares M45, show me yours!

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